The Ultimate (Copy & Pasteable) List of Hashtags for Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers Use these hashtags to gain more exposure and extend your reach to people with similar interests!

Welcome to #TREATSOFTUESDAY! Today I wanted to try something a little different and treat you to a list of the ultimate hashtags to use on Twitter & Instagram. I’ve split the list up into three sections: Fashion Bloggers, Beauty Bloggers and Lifestyle Bloggers. Hashtags are a great way to

5 Tips For Applying Flawless Makeup On Acne-Prone Skin A Guest Post Written by Heath and Beauty Consultant, Daisy Grace | Edited by Yours Truly

Welcome to #MARIESMAKEUPMONDAYS! Please note: This is 23 mins late because I was watching Game Of Thrones (Season 6 Ep 9, Battle Of The Bastards). I literally COULD NOT takes my eyes off the screen. Hands-down the best episode yet. INCREDIBLE!!! Sorry, just had to share that with you – if you can,

Are You Using Too Much Makeup?

Welcome to #MARIESMAKEUPMONDAYS! Today we will be… Figuring Out the Right Amount of Product To Use Knowing how much product to use can save you money and help you look fabulous, but unfortunately beauty and makeup items often come without detailed instructions. This means we are left to try an