The Aurora Band Night Roller Revisited (2 Years Later)

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I was checking out my statistics overview the other day and realised just how popular The Aurora Band Night Roller review was and still is. It’s one of those posts that gets just as many views as my most recent entries and it suddenly dawned on me that I’ve got quite a bit more to share on the subject since I’ve now been using the product for two years (seriously, where does the time go?). Anyway, you get the drift of what’s about to go down so I’ll get down to the details:

About Aurora

Aurora Hair Products is a Limited Company, set up by a couple named Lindsey Byrne and Alex Purcell. Lindsey is an expert hairdresser based in Dublin. Her salon, The Colour Room’ Artane, focuses on providing salon quality hair that won’t break the bank. She developed and launched The Night Roller to enable her customers (and all of their friends across the globe) to achieve natural waves at home with little effort and no heat. The business was featured on Dragon’s Den and has unsurprisingly grown dramatically in size and popularity since.






The Colour Room’ Artane



Pauls Hair World


Little Woods

Make Me Up Marie’s 2015 Review & Results:

The Aurora Band | Night Roller Review

In a nutshell:

  • Can flatten the top half of your hair
  • Bottom heavy volume
  • A nice natural wave
  • Easy everyday fix
  • Unique invention

Make Me Up Marie’s 2017 Review & Results:

To be honest, this review is more requested than it is required. My opinions of The Aurora Band Night Roller remain pretty much the same even after two years of use. Though, the part about waking up with ‘not a strand out of place’  was a bit over-exaggerated. I mean common’, that is literally impossible. But it really does eliminate the worry of ruining a beautiful blow-dry or undoing hours of hard work  – and that’s what I was trying to say.

I love that it takes just a matter of minutes to put in and take out. You can let the alarm snooze for a while in the morning, rest assured that styling is as simple as a quick (hair) spray and (head) shake! I no longer need to think about what I’m doing when I’m putting it in as I’ve done it so many times that it now feels like second nature. I’m also much more comfortable when sleeping now because I know it won’t slip out so long as secure the hair properly.

It became a little redundant when I went for the chop. I find it requires at least chin length hair to work properly. A blunt cut is often better, as layers can flick out in all the wrong places depending on their length. And believe it or not, I’m still using the same roller I bought from a salon two years ago! So overall, I’m still very much enjoying it and pleased with the results I can accomplish overnight 🙂


  • Achieves big, natural waves
  • Lots of volume
  • Great staying power
  • No heat = no damage
  • Saves time once you’ve got the hang of it
  • Lots of how-to videos, reviews & guides online


  • Tangles easily
  • Varying results
  • Touch-ups required
  • No heat = less control
  • Takes a while to get the hang of
  • Outdated website

Top Tips

Before putting The Night Roller in:

  1. Spray the sponge with your favourite perfume (every time you swish your hair the people around you will get a luscious whiff)
  2. Shampoo and condition hair as normal
  3. Make sure the top part of your hair is dry to avoid a halo hair indent
  4. Re-wet the tips of your ends if they dry quickly to ensure they curl up nice and tight
  5. Apply a frizz-ease oil to the mid-lengths and tips of your hair
  6. Brush each section of hair before looping it through the sponge.

Upon taking The Night Roller out:

  1. Mist your hands with hairspray when styling to minimise frizz and maximise hold
  2. Twist sections of your hair and push upwards to re-group separated curls and tame stray strands
  3. Shake your head upside down to loosen up products and allow a natural arrangement of waves to form.

How-To YouTube Videos

Other Cool Blogger Reviews

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The Night Roller FAQ

What hair types is it suitable for?

The Night Roller is renowned for inducing frizzy ends and that’s why I’d suggest you always use a hair oil and brush thoroughly beforehand. I’d say this product is suitable for most types of hair, including straight, wavey, thick, thin or coloured. I doubt it would work well on Afro-Caribbean hair but obviously that’s not something I’ve been able to test for myself.

Is it suitable for all ages?

It is designed for adults but there is a kids version which you can find here and I’m guessing is just slightly smaller? I’ve not tried or even seen it myself so it could be no different to the original besides from the colour… the website isn’t all that explanatory. I guess you have to buy it to try it, unless you happen to be in Dublin and can pop into the salon for a trial.

Will it fit my head?

It is one size fits all and has an elastic band like an eye mask, so it is highly unlikely your head is too large for this product. And if it is, replacing the elastic or simply extending it is a really quick and easy DIY sewing jobbie! I would totally give it a go if I needed to. Still beats getting up 40 minutes before you need to in the morning, lol.

Why do the results vary so much?

The results certainly seem to vary, not just from girl to girl but also from day to day. I guess the key to consistency is getting the technique down. Practise putting it in a few times and keep in mind that results are also somewhat reliant on the way you sleep… e.g. if you toss and turn one night and stay really still the next, there’s going to be an obvious contrast in outcome. This product seems to work best for a textured look.

Is it comfortable to sleep in?

In my opinion, yes. And let me be clear that this is when comparing The Aurora Band to other sleep-in rollers and rags I’ve tried over the years. Obviously the best way to sleep is without any constraints but if you’re a heavy sleeper like me then this really won’t bother you if used every once in a while. I actually like the support of the sponge for a change and as previously mentioned, have got less and less conscious that I’m wearing it the more times I use it so no longer result to sleeping like a statue.

Does it only come in one colour?

Kinda. There’s a limited edition Night Roller that is black but it is really hard to find in more drugstores so you’re better off ordering online. It costs a little extra and I’m not sure I care what I look like when I’m sleeping that much. Y’all know I’m a pinkaholic anyway so even if there were more colour choice it’s unlikely I’d bother to explore them anyway!

Can I use it with hair extensions in?

I can’t imagine this helping with the tangling aspect but if you’re okay with not being able to run your hands through your hair then I suppose you technically could use this product with tape, glue or micro ring hair extensions in, if careful. I’d avoid using it with clip-ins altogether, as that is just a catalyst for catastrophe (and no that’s not me sharing from experience. I’m silly but not that silly!).

Are there any other comparable products on the market?

Only one, as far as I can tell. When researching online I found this Glam Waves Roller Head Band For Short to Medium Length Hair and decided to head on over to their website (which has its own FAQ). I’m not sure who came first but the true inventor is where my heart lies. I’m loyal like dat 🙂 All jokes aside, I haven’t tried it and would like to. It offers different sizes and claims the have a  “no frizz design”. It looks comparable but from the images the material isn’t the same Velcro I’m used to from Aurora.

And that’s just about every piece of information I have on Aurora. I hope you’ve found this extensive review/company overview/how-to useful. If you have any comments or thoughts related to this product please use the section below.

Cherrio… until next time,


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  1. As a 74 y.o. man, I am pretty much beyond “improvement,” physical or otherwise. Just dropped in say thanks for liking my “Crocodile Fears” blog entry on I was both pleased that you liked it and surprised that you even f0und it. With your fine features, I see (I believe) why you are so keenly interested in beauty. With my deficits, I have to lean toward “truth,” despite its being in short supply these days. It’s great that NHS gives you a way to connect with someone on the deepest and most personal level. That opportunity is also in short supply (also, I’m somewhat/greatly solitary: at my age, if you don’t like your own company, you’re in big trouble). Tah. Best of luck in your endeavors.

    1. Hi Richard,

      You’re very welcome! Thanks for writing so eloquently on such a complex subject, and for taking the time to visit my site back. I find your wisdom and curiosity inspiring, especially as it seems to be of equal measure. I can’t help but doubt that you are beyond “improvement” but understand that physical, mental and circumstantial constraints may make you feel and/or believe otherwise. You never know, your truth may lead you somewhere you have never been before and good or bad, any experience can teach you a lesson worth listening to… or so I like to think (maybe my naivety). Solidarity is something I am yet to truly experience and actually long for often. That being said, I’m looking for a pen pal at current (to get back to ink & paper, and broaden my horizons)… if ever you’d be interested in breaking solidarity every once in a while? Either way, thanks again for your visit and kind words.

      All the best to you.


  2. I can completely relate to the all or nothing perfectionism thinking. Housework and makeup are 2 of my areas too. For me it’s about if I choose to do it 100% that makes me happy, if I choose the nothing route I feel guilt and shame. So it’s about finding that grey area and then being OK with that. Progress not perfection.

    1. I think my blog theme is experiencing some difficulties as it seems as though this comment (and another above) was meant to be posted on my previous article. Hopefully it sorts its self out. Thanks for writing to me though, I’m glad you can relate to some of the things I’ve mentioned. Progress not perfection indeed! Keep at it Erin, we’re making the right moves for a happier & healthier lifestyle 🙂 Take care xx

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