Inspirational Illustrator Haley Tippmann on Artistic Influences, Custom Portraits & Future Features

Hello Haley, and welcome to Make Me Up Marie! I’ve had such great fun discovering your art on Etsy and Instagram this past month so I’m incredibly excited to have you here today to talk all about your motivations and aspirations.

But first – before we get started, I wanted to say a (rather public) thank you for your gorgeous sketch of me. I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I opened up your message, as I recognised the outfit as one of my own instantly!



Tell us, how do you determine your subjects? Does Instagram inspire your custom portraits?

Hi! Thank you.

Instagram inspires my portraits for sure. I look for interesting poses or outfits that are out of the ordinary – they are the most fun to illustrate!





Being a portrait artist would suggest you’re interested in people. What do you like most about drawing people?

Yes, I love people watching. The oblivious café goer is the best live model in an urban setting. People are more interesting to draw because we all have a story. Sometimes, an illustration can subtly bring out the person’s story, depending on the colors used and gestures.



Do you have a favourite ‘type’ of person to draw?

Not really, I draw any type! As cliché as it sounds, everyone has something unique about them and I believe an artist has the ability to see what that something is.




You manage to capture and represent real movement and personality in your sketches. Does this come naturally to you or do you use a certain/special technique?

For me it has come naturally I would say. I have also spent many hours quickly sketching passerbys in the halls of my college or in coffee shops. This really helps commit to your lines, which usually is your first vibe from a person.



I’ve noticed you don’t shy away from drawing objects as well. What kind of setup or scene arouses your interest enough to pick up the pencil and paper?

I like to draw objects around a theme. Sometimes I’m inspired by a movie I’ve seen recently and I will draw the props used. When I need some inspiration, I revert to my drawing exercise: draw what’s around you that second. It pushes me to draw things out of my comfort zone!



I assume pencil and paper is a bit out-dated these days, huh? Has any software has replaced them for you?

It can go both ways. I love drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook. They are my favorite sketchbooks and great for life sketches. Nowadays, more and more artists are drawing digitally, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! I use an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, with the Procreate app. It is, in my opinion, the best drawing app at the moment for the iPad. You can create really nice illustrations with Procreate in high quality. Previously, I used a Bamboo tablet and Sketchbook, which I’d also recommend for anyone who wants to try drawing digitally.



Procreate videos fascinate me. Do you find it rewarding to share your process as well as the finished piece?

Yes! It is very satisfying to watch the sketch process over again after an illustration is complete. I’m glad that is a feature built into the app.



When did your passion for art ignite?

Honestly, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in art. I was put into the “art” category by friends and family at an early age. Probably in kindergarten I realized that I want to do this the rest of my life and that I wanted to make art my career. I wanted to have my art teacher’s job!



With Christmas just around the corner I’m sure my readers would love to hear about some of the goods you’re stocking this year! What’s your bestseller on Etsy at the moment?

Somehow it’s already December, right?! On my Etsy shop, ChamomileArt, I have various custom illustration listings. That is my bestseller at the moment, custom portraits as well as custom blog header illustrations.




And finally, where do you see yourself in five years time? What can we expect to see from you in the future?

In five years, I probably will be doing more commercial illustrations – I hope! This January 2017, I will have an illustration featured in a new vegan, Australian magazine, which I’m excited about. When it’s available I will share it for sure!



Interviewee Bio: Haley Ellen Tippmann, is an illustrator currently living in her hometown of Rochester, NY, USA. Influenced by the oblivious cafe-goer or passerby, Haley loves to draw people and travel. Tucked in her art bag: a sketchbook, brush markers, and pens. Her other medium of choice is a tablet, which she uses for digital illustrations.


One can find her work published in Capture Rochester by the Democrat and Chronicle. Haley has also had work featured in art shows in Upstate New York, and illustrated for companies such as Vegan Supply Co. At the moment, she is continuing her interest in Graphic Design at Monroe Community College in New York State.


Instagram: @haleyellenart


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