Brain Dump #1

The deed is done! All of the paperwork and forms for my official name change have been completed and accepted. I ended up paying just £5, thanks to a solicitor in my neighbouring town. I’m considering writing-up a post detailing the process as it can be extremely confusing, so if that’s something that does interest you do be sure to let me know. Until then though, I thought I’d just give you a little bit of a life/general update.

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, Make Me Up Marie’s (rigid) schedule has changed… and that’s simply because the author has changed! I’m gifting myself with the space to be who I want to be and do what I want to do. Having a well-structured blog had a lot of benefits, don’t get me wrong. I knew what my focus was each day and my readers knew exactly when and what time to visit. Having pre-determined topics set out meant that different audiences would visit on different days, and with that came a pressure to keep up and keep on top.

“Keeping up” and “keeping on top” are two things a lot of people are brought up to do. It’s a way of protect ourselves from exploitation (and many other things). By nature, I’m not like that – which is something I’ve learned recently. I’m not interested in looking or acting a certain way to appease others. Right now I’m really into using my intuition and tapping into the things that truly make me happy. I decided that rigid structures, though somewhat useful, demand too much from me as a writer and blogger who wants to be completely and utterly authentic, creative and open to experiential learning.

So yeah, I won’t be posting when I feel like utter sh*t or if I feel I have nothing worth sharing. I won’t force myself to stand in front of the camera smiling when I’m freezing cold and not even dressed appropriately or comfortably. Nope. NO MORE! From now on I open up a new post and start typing when it feels right. I send a tweet when I feel compelled to, instead of when I think I ought to. I could go on… and on… and on… but I won’t because you probably feel like you’ve heard it all before now.

Moving swiftly on to something new that you may not have heard or learned before, The Get Better Box (my new business venture) is offering 20% off its entire range right up until Christmas. You can use promo code: WinterIsComing20 at checkout to redeem and we’ve made it super easy to order 🙂 Gift wrapping is included in the price, so Sam and I are prepped and ready to play Mr and Mrs Claus this year and hopefully for years to come!!

And in other, unrelated news (told you this was going to be a life update but I see now it’s more of a brain dump) I purchased my first batch of cruelty-free makeup the other day. It’s something I’m becoming more and more passionate about and I’m truly ashamed of some of the brands I’ve used and endorsed in the past. I never saw, cared or gave any time to the truth up until recently (probably due to my “awakening” that seems to have shifted all of my morals) but it is shocking and I can’t be a part of it.

I’ll be reviewing the products I got once I’ve given them a fair trial and touching a bit more on this subject soon. I can tell you now that I went for really affordable brands, to match the price of the pieces and products that make up my current kit. It took a fair bit of research to say the least but I was glad to learn that some of the brands I already know and love are actually cruelty-free. WAHEY for Sleek, Makeup Revolution, Urban Decay and Collection!!! So far so good and that really is all I should say, for now. If you can’t wait to shop and need some direction, head over to my Pinterest and find my cruelty-free makeup board full of inspiration and information.

What’s new with you? Let me know using the comments section below!

Lots of love,

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