How To Get Rid Of Sudden Breakouts

Do you ever feel like your breakouts know exactly when to pop out of nowhere, spoiling your special events and all that prep you did for them? They sit on the forehead like a mammoth saying hello out loud to everybody, shooing each person away. The breakout not only makes you feel conscious about your skin but also works as a confidence shatterer.

There are several reasons due to which you are gifted with this glorious giant on the most exposed area of your skin. Pent-up stress, oily food and using beauty products that consist of pore-clogging components are one of the common reasons. However, there might be thousands of possibilities as to why you have these sudden breakouts and you cannot stop them for good if you do not give your dermatologist a visit.

However, you surely can get rid of the sudden breakouts by following these simple inexpensive tips with zero side-effects that will at least puncture your breakout and make them less obvious if not completely magically vanished.

Let us have a look on the easy peasy yet life-saving tips:

Apply Ice


Ice is a super effective and quick remedy to get your pimples shrunk overnight. Icing a breakout not only reduces the size but also kills it sooner than it normally dies itself. It also reduces the probability of spots that stay for a long time after the pimple dies. Moreover, it reduces the swelling and itchiness as well decreasing your urge to touch and scratch it off.

Use Absorbing Covers Overnight


You can keep a pack of Nexcare absorbing covers and apply on your breakout when it appears unwelcomed. These bandages help absorb all the oil and dirt, and leave the pimple dry and dead faster than you can imagine. They work like a charm for sudden breakouts.

Do Not Touch or Pop the Pimple


You should never touch a pimple as it increases your urge to scratch it or pop it just to make it disappear somehow but Jody Levine M.D. who is a National Medical Director at AOB Med Spa says “you actually spread the puss out at the bottom so you’re creating more inflammation.” It only leads to scars that stay even longer and sometimes you might even end up with a skin infection.

Use Green Tea


Green tea is full of antioxidants that reduce inflammation in the skin and prevent sudden breakouts. Drinking it throughout the day will not only help your breakouts to vanish but it also has a great impact on your skin making it look healthier and glowing. You can make a toner out of green tea and store it in your fridge. You can apply it with a cotton ball or swab every night before you go to sleep.

Apply Turmeric


Applying turmeric helps your breakout to vanish super quickly and you can always try this remedy if an important event is the next day and a breakout just popped out without an invitation. You can simply make a paste of turmeric and honey or you can use water as a replacement for honey, and apply it to the affected area. This remedy is easy and actually gives you prominent results in no time.

beth-martelThis guest post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at

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