Lusting Over Labels at Lyst: A Dress for Every Occasion

Hello lovely ladies!

The weekend is nearly upon us and I imagine plenty of you are sorting out your outfits, ready for a night (or two… or three!) out on the town. Annoyingly, I’ll be working all weekend – so the only attire I need is my onesie and slippers. Nevertheless, I do have a lot to look forward to in the near (and not-so-near) future and so I thought I’d take my mind off things by spending some time lusting over labels at Lyst.

Lyst is one of my favourite places to shop for dresses. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill and is app for the occasion, and with a range of search options, including a Min + Max price, you can avoid over-spending all together!

Today I’m going to showcase 10 different dresses, each for a different occasion – to highlight just how easy it is to prepare your outfits for the month ahead! Ready? Let’s go!

Stylist Live Event 


Find it here.



Find it here.

Bonfire Night


Find it here.

Christmas Day


Find it here.

Boxing Day


Find it here.

New Year’s Eve


Find it here.

Valentine’s Day


Find it here.

St. Patrick’s Day


Find it here.

Easter Sunday


Find it here.

My Birthday!


Find it here.

So, what do we think? Would you wear these dresses on these occasions, or would you go for something a bit different? Which is your favourite? Let me know using the comments section below, and remember, you can always rely on Lyst to find you the labels and looks you love.

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