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Beautiful Bella! Welcome back – it’s been a while since your first appearance on Make Me Up Marie. Tell us what you’ve been up to since (if you can fit it all in)…

Oh you are flattering me but you are not wrong! Since we last spoke, I have grown my blog and Facebook following significantly by streamlining The Other “F-word” blog into a beauty-specific portal. I now host guest bloggers all the time and do monthly themes.

Apart from the blog, I started singing and now produce music events in Limassol, Cyprus, where I live. I’ve met a lot of musicians and have even managed to record my own song. You can check out the video on YouTube.


I have made several television appearances and even hosted a charity gala event at the Presidential Palace. That was an experience and a half, I tell you. I truly hope to be back for that annual event next year, too.


Apart from that I have been on the cover of one of Cyprus’ leading glamorous magazines. Nothing makes a girl feel better than getting dolled up for a bona fide photoshoot.

Oh and of course I walked the catwalk for a dear friend that is a talented designer. We even helped produce her fashion show, which was another experience for me. I hope to build on that soon.

That barely sums it up. My life has been rather hectic this year and a half or so.


Honestly, that question was for the benefit of my readers. I’ve been following you avidly, and it’s a bit of an understatement to say that you have continuously inspired me both personally and professionally. How do you keep your content so fresh?

Well, when you have so many interests as I do, content kind of generates itself. You have to keep up and struggle to fit it all in, really.


People around you always inspire you for bigger and better. I meet extraordinary people that do extraordinary things on a daily basis. They are not all glamorous media types, either. Recently, I was inspired to write a piece about local talents, inspired by a kind-hearted young man that reached out to me. He did nothing more than express admiration for his own mother but that generated a blog idea. I am very proud of that piece, actually, as it allowed me to give credit to some outstanding business ladies on the island.

And your copywriting career, how are you finding that? Describe your experience breaking into the freelance world…


Oh that is the thing that keeps me up at night, I admit. It is incredibly hard on multiple fronts. It’s unstable, it’s subjective, it’s competitive and all that makes you vulnerable.

People tend to not give much attention to how they deliver feedback and that can sting. They say: “grow thicker skin,” but that’s easier said than done. It can crush you.

However, the thrill of getting a job published, a blog idea picked up or your name blasted by a large influencer is worth it all. Success is intoxicating and must be celebrated. If someone does not want to acknowledge yours, find people that will. These moments are precious and fuel you up for more.


Plus, you need to understand that freelancing and the ever popular entrepreneurship are all about patience. You might not be the most brilliant writer or the most thought-provoking author but if you perfect your own style of work and stick it out longer than others, you’ve won. You are your own brand, imitating someone else deliberately is useless. However, keep in mind that true uniqueness, 100% differentiation is barely possible, too. You have to put your own personal twist onto topics that millions of people have opinions on. Hence, don’t expect everyone to agree with yours.

That sums it up, pretty much.

Is there anything you wish you knew before you started?

Several things:

Time is my most valued asset and I wish I’d spent it wiser.

No matter how lucky you get with IT skills improvisation, some things are best left to pro’s.

No matter how much you think you can withstand pressure, you are not made of stone.

P.S. Don’t think I am entirely over all of the above either. Still a struggle!

Many of my readers are aspiring fashion, beauty and lifestyle journalists, bloggers and YouTubers. What advice could you give them?


  1. Go for it but think of the strategy that works for you.
  2. Prepare yourself for the inevitable questions:

“So what is your long-term plan?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“What do you get out of it?”

They will come and will unsettle you. Best be prepared to answer them for your own sake.

  1. Load up on patience. All of it…
  2. Check point 1 and be prepared to adjust. This is normal.
  3. Surround yourself with people that truly love you and support you.

What’s your favourite way to communicate with your blog followers?


I am a big fan of instant gratification so Twitter is a useful tool for that! But honestly, any feedback, no matter how it is delivered is good in my books.

And your favourite social media platform, overall..?

I am falling out of love with the all-too-perfect-utterly-unattainable-false-advertising-loaded Instagram lately and switching my attention to Facebook once again. My singing gigs have been a great way to introduce some live streaming and brought a whole new appreciation of the feature into my life. Love Twitter, as recently it has become almost the sole source of news in my life. Pinterest, strangely enough, never quite made it high in my books.

What is the most meaningful compliment you could receive? You must get so many these days!


Nothing compares to the gratification from the knowledge that I may have inspired someone to make a bold move, take a step in the right direction or otherwise dare to do what makes them happier even for a day. Any time I hear that, I am reminded once again why I do what I do.

Have you found any downfalls to putting yourself “out-there” online?


Have I? You name it. From condescending looks from friends and family to nasty comments on my writing from “colleagues” – I have experienced the works this year. It comes with the territory and is part of the package.

So how have you overcome them? Explain your coping strategies for this kind of adversity…

It helps to put yourself in their shoes. Usually, people lash out because of themselves, not because of you. It is hardly possible that anything you do could affect them so much on a personal level, obviously, so it’s good to remember that.


As I mentioned before, surround yourself with people that love and support you. They will counterbalance these irrational responses.


On all other days, there is wine…(I do not condone excessive drinking but a good Chianti can make the world a better place).

And last but not least, what do you want to do next in the world that is your oyster?


I would absolutely love to record another song that I co-wrote with a talented musician. And I am working on that, as we speak. I have also started an association of women working in finance in Cyprus and want to create many memorable and interesting opportunities for their development this year. And onwards with more inspiring and creative projects that benefit those around me.

Interviewee Bio:

Bella Sovmiz is a bilingual Russian-born blogger who resides on the sunny island of Cyprus. She writes for a variety of online publications and is the creator, contributor and editor of The Other F-Word blog, which brings fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty under one roof. An amateur singer, Bella started a series of live music events recently, founded LIFT Association for women working in finance and freelanced as a live and television presented on numerous occasions.

Website & social links:


Email: [email protected]

Alt. email: [email protected]

YouTube: The Other “F-Word”

Twitter: @bedazzled_B_

Instagram: bedazzled_b

Pinterest: bedazzled_b


I’d like to finish up this post by saying a massive thank you to both Bella, for this interview, and to my readers, for stopping by Make Me Up Marie today (and every day)! Feel free to leave your comments/questions in the section below…

Lots of love, as always,

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