10 Practical Style Hacks for a Trouble-Free Wardrobe!

Betabrand is a company that brings fun creative ideas to life. Ever have a pair of pants where you wish their were extra pockets or that were as comfy as yoga pants for the office? Check out some of their awesome woman’s pant options. They created this neat infographic to help us get through any wardrobe mishaps we may come across, especially for those at the worst possible time…


Insightful, right? I thought so too – that’s why I welcomed it so warmly and decided to share it. I really love infographics like this as I tend to print them out and put them up in odd places, like the fridge and my bedroom wall…

I’m not sure I can top Betabrand but as you can imagine I have run into to my fair share of fashion problems many times in the past. Here are a few of my personal style hacks:

Problem: Crinkled Collars

Hack: In a rush but noticed your collar is a little crinkled or sticking up, out of place? Switch on your GHD’s and carefully run them over to flatten the structure and straighten out the creases.

Problem: Stubborn Zips

Hack: Having a fight with your zip everytime you put your jacket on and (attempt to) take it off? Try rubbing some vaseline along the teeth to help it glide effortlessly.


Problem: Fiddly Bracelet

Hack: Usually I get Sam to put on my jewellery. There’s something intimate and loving about it, but when he’s not around I don’t go just without. Instead I use a paperclip to help me put on a fiddly bracelet!

Problem: Makeup Transfer

Hack: Tried on your outfit for tomorrow, only to take it off and realise you’ve stained it with bronzer? Try using shaving cream to get it out. It works a treat for me, even on white shirts!

What do you think of these style hacks? Have you got any of your own to share? Use the comments section below to get involved in today’s topic! And don’t forget, you can always save and share this infographic yourself for free 🙂

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