Beauty for Bad Days and Busy Schedules (Tips & Tricks)

Today I thought I’d kick another week off with a new installment of #MARIESMAKEUPMONDAYS (what else)! I’ve not been in the best place recently, as many of you will already be well aware (sorry if it bores you but I’m not one for showing all the good and hiding the bad. Life isn’t like that and so neither is mine). I’m not in the worst place, either, which is just as important to note. There’s an amazing support network around me and I’m more equipped than ever to deal with any adversity I face in life. Nevertheless, with so much going on, looking good can tend to fall down on the list of my priorities.


With this in mind, I figured there’d be no better time to share some of my prized beauty tips and tricks for bad days and busy schedules with you guys. Hopefully these will help you just as much as they help me, either to save time when you’re running short of it, or to make you feel/look a little more human when you’re really run down, in one way or another. So, without further adieu, let’s just jump straight in with tip no.1… Shall we?

Stick to Minimal Makeup

When you’re run down your skin tends to suffer and sadly, it shows. I often find that I get a lot of unwanted and unusual texture on my cheeks when I’m stressed out. I occasionally break out, and of course that’s not all (I’ve developed a skin condition called Dermatographic Urticaria… read about it here if you haven’t already).

When you’re busy, your makeup tends to wear a lot quicker. I find that, on busy days, I simply don’t have time to top up, blot or powder my face and so I end up looking like a hot mess if I slap on too much. These are all reasons why I always stick to minimal makeup on bad or busy days. Not only does it require less maintenance, there’s less chance of it going wrong.

And although I realise how easy it is to want to pile on the makeup to hide your skin if it is looking less than perfect, I also know how too much makeup can actually accentuate imperfections and make everything a whole lot worse. Just trust me on this one.


Use Formulas Only by Brands You Love & Trust

My second tip is to always use makeup formulas and brands that you already know work for you and your skin type. Bad or busy days are NOT a great time to start testing new products – I mean, imagine having a reaction to something when you’re already stressed out to the max… or your foundation slipping due to the humidity on the tube in-between important meetings (yes, this is me speaking from first-hand experience).

Brands and formulas that you repurchase often are the ones to turn to in tough times. You love and trust them for a reason, and so it only makes sense to rely on them when you need to. And this doesn’t just relate to makeup, it applies to all beauty, hair and health related products!


Take Extra Care of Your Health 

That reminds me – eating healthy and keeping active is the BEST thing you can do to retain beauty on a bad or busy day (or week). Exercise can give you a much needed boost and break from a business intense day, and eating well will work wonders for your skin meaning you have less to worry about, in terms of breaking out, putting on makeup and generally looking good.

Makeup can transform your look but working on the inside will always give you far greater benefits. Stay hydrated – drink lots of water, ladies. Feed your insides with organic goods. Reduce your alcohol intake, and surround yourself with good people, who radiate rather than drain you.


Let This Be A Chance to Explore Your Inner Beauty

OK, so you’ve implemented all of the above and still feel pretty sh*tty about yourself? Well step away from the mirror for a second and think about how other people see you. How would your best friend describe you? Which traits make up your personality? Beauty isn’t only in the eye of the beholder, it’s within us all. I’m a kind, empathic and loving person, and that makes me beautiful even when I’m covered in hives, my hair is greasy and my nails are chipped…


And If All Else Fails? Head to Snapchat for The “Magic” Filter…

Because you can go from plain and pale, to beautiful and bronzed at the click of a button. You won’t look better in real life, but it honestly will make you feel better. MWHAHAHAHAHA 🙂

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Do you have a special routine or any tips/tricks for bad or busy days? Have you found anything in this post helpful? Use the comments section below to let me know!

Sending positive vibes your way, as always…


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2 thoughts on “Beauty for Bad Days and Busy Schedules (Tips & Tricks)

  1. Hi there, I just discovered your blog. Love the honesty and think that we could all do a little more of that. I tend to go quiet on my blog when I’m working through tough times and the moments I peek my head out and let people in (even if just a bit), always helps.

    And, dude, that filter is the best thing ever. You’re on to something!

    1. Hi Lovely! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, glad you’re liking what you’ve read so far! Well, they say a problem shared is a problem halved and I always agree – my readers are just like friends!! 😀 xx

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