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Recently I’ve become obsessed with embellished Instagram accounts, like this one. I think they’re so cute and quirky, and enable your personality to really shine through. I’ve been thinking of implementing a similar theme myself (I know, I can’t stop changing up it up) and so I’ve been doing some research into easy-to-use, FREE apps that will help me to do so. I’ve found a few that I think I really like. Why not try them for yourself and let me know what you think? Send me the photos once your done and I’ll share it here on Make Me Up Marie, with a link to your IG profile 🙂



Kawii is incredibly easy to use and allows you to unlock new stickers, stamps and emoji’s for free if you agree to watch their video adverts. The adverts don’t last long at all and I love the different collections I’ve managed to unlock so far. You can also buy collections, so this is ideal in terms of variety. I’ve not been using it a lot or for very long, so it’s still early days. So far it’s my favourite – fingers crossed it doesn’t crash like some of my past apps have!



Instamoji is the safest, securest option, used worldwide and includes almost every emoji you’ll find in your phone. This isn’t the place for unique stickers and stamps but it’s ideal for those that want to have a little fun turning their mans faces into emoji’s or salvaging an OOTD photo with a cute cover-up!



Papelook is not at all that easy to use, as it’s all in a forgien language (I’m guessing Chinese or Japanese but I can’t be sure). However, if you use photo apps quite a lot and are familiar with the standard layouts, then you’ll work it out. And once you do, you’ll have access to a whole load of enchanting stamps and stickers that are hard to find elsewhere!

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If all else fails, you can always use Snapchat… And no, I’m not going to explain how that works because you always know… right?

Anyway, let me know how you get on and remember to send me your photos and profile details to be featured in a follow-up post!


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Lots of love, until next time…

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