The Best Health Hotels/Spas to Visit in Kent


OK ladies, it’s time we talked Spas. You all know how much I love them, and although I’ve blogged my experiences a few times I’ve never actually written a guide on good places to visit. Today I figured I’d do just that, as I’m currently planning my next trip and totally think you should too. So, without further adieu, here are 5 of the best health hotels/spas to visit in Kent:

Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa


Rowhill Grange is a gorgeous 19th century manor house located just 15 minutes from my hometown. It’s a really beautiful yet unsuspecting place and unlike anywhere else in the area, so if you do decide to visit you’ll probably want to stay on-site! And when you are on-site, you can rest assured that your every need will be met. There’s an awarding-winning ‘utopia’ (Roman-inspired) spa, a sophisticated restaurant and a relaxed snack bar/lounge. Private dining rooms and afternoon teas are, of course, also available and I’m pretty sure that when I went, WiFi was free. What more could you want, honestly?

Marriott Tudor Park Hotel & Country Club


The Marriott Tudor Park Hotel & Country Club is one of my favourite places for a weekend getaway. It’s located in Maidstone, just 30 miles from London but genuinely does feel a world away. It’s a peaceful, slow-paced place with all the amenities you could need, including a fitness centre, pool and private golf course. The rooms are traditional and comfortable and on Sunday’s there’s a delicious carvery for all to enjoy. It’s like a home away from home 🙂

Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa


Brandshatch is a lovely location, fairly local to where I’m living at the moment. There are many, many lovely hotels to visit in and around the area, but the Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa is just one of a kind. Set in 12 acres of parkland, this venue is well-known at The Kent Wedding Awards and when you arrive, it won’t take you long to work out why. The elegant Georgian mansion is seriously stunning and incredibly well furnished inside and out. The health club has a lot to offer and the spa…ahhhh… the spa! Let’s just say it’s all top-notch, worthy of it’s four stars.

Bridgewood Manor Hotel 


The Bridgewood Manor Hotel is one of my favourite places to stay in winter. It feels so cosy, with its open fires and comfy armchairs! Even the spa is homely, which is odd because obviously I have never had the luxury of having one in any of my homes lol! I think it has a lot to do with the staff, who have always been super accommodating and friendly to me whenever I’ve stayed. The rooms aren’t luxurious, but they are well-done and the food is real hearty (not necessarily healthy).

Eastwell Manor 


Eastwell Manor is kind of unique because as well as offering fully-furnished rooms, it also provides the option of renting one of its mews cottages – great for those who prefer self-catering but still want to enjoy all of the benefits of the beauty spa and leisure facilities! Everything about this hotel is great – the food, the pool, the staff, the golf course – but there is just one thing that lets it down and that’s the interior of both the cottages and the rooms. I can personally put up with naff wallpaper, but if you can’t maybe steer clear of this one and go for another listed above!

And that just about rounds things up for today. If you’ve enjoyed this post be sure to check back in this Thursday, where I’ll be venturing out just a little more (I love my country, OK?) and listing The Best Health Hotels/Spas in the UK for those of you who simply can’t make it to Kent.

Lots of love, until then…

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