47 Things Anxiety ISN’T



Anxiety isn’t fair.

Anxiety isn’t a choice.

Anxiety isn’t being shy.

Anxiety isn’t a “way-out”.

Anxiety isn’t anyones fault.

Anxiety isn’t an empty excuse.

Anxiety isn’t easy. For anyone.

Anxiety isn’t always anti-social.

Anxiety isn’t a sign of weakness.

Anxiety isn’t a sign of something worse.

Anxiety isn’t always related to a phobia.

Anxiety isn’t the same for you as it is for me.

Anxiety isn’t something you can “brush-off”.

Anxiety isn’t something that defines a person.

Anxiety isn’t always something you can control.

Anxiety isn’t something you can “fix” overnight.

Anxiety isn’t game-over. We have good days too.

Anxiety isn’t always related to the here and now.

Anxiety isn’t all bad. Our community is beautiful.

Anxiety isn’t something that should be overlooked.

Anxiety isn’t can’t be changed with a bit of rationale.

Anxiety isn’t discriminatory. It can happen to anyone.

Anxiety isn’t all about the mind. Our bodies suffer too.

Anxiety isn’t always obvious. We suffer in silence A LOT.

Anxiety isn’t personal. As in, it’s not you – it’s me. For real.

Anxiety isn’t being lazy. We often long to accept your invites.

Anxiety isn’t one-size-fits-all. We all experience it differently.

Anxiety isn’t something that happens to people who are “mad”.

Anxiety isn’t a “waste of a person”. What a thing to say, seriously…

Anxiety isn’t us being “silly”, “attention-seeking” or “self-consumed”.

Anxiety isn’t self-inflicted pain, even if it may seem that way at times.

Anxiety isn’t something that should always be put down to depression.

Anxiety isn’t a one-step healing process. We need support and guidance.

Anxiety isn’t situational, so don’t try to change my life unless I ask you to.

Anxiety isn’t always down to substance abuse. Do some research, for f*ck sake.

Anxiety isn’t treated like a disease because it isn’t one. Remember, this is a disorder.

Anxiety isn’t easy to open up about. But when we do, please listen without judgement.

Anxiety isn’t something we can’t get over or manage. Be patient with us. We’ll get there.

Anxiety isn’t logical. It doesn’t take a vacation just because something good is happening.

Anxiety isn’t an attitude issue. It’s a mental health disorder that should be taken seriously.

Anxiety isn’t all about personality. Introverts and extroverts can suffer in very similar ways.

Anxiety isn’t always something you can understand. Sometimes we don’t even understand why.

Anxiety isn’t the same from day-to-day. It takes all different forms and comes out in many ways.

Anxiety isn’t just us being highly-strung when making plans. We’re genuinely petrified of our triggers.

Anxiety isn’t ideal for spontaneity. In fact, the simple thought of “winging-it” is enough to send us into a spin.

Anxiety isn’t anything like getting butterflies when you meet someone cool. It’s much, much more intense and utterly unenjoyable.

Anxiety isn’t effortless to manage. Yes there are lots of coping mechanisms to chose from, but no they don’t work for us all.

Anxiety isn’t a symbol for stupid. We’re the experts on the subject, so stop saying “it’s all in your mind” – like we haven’t come to that conclusion already!


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