A Week’s Worth of Random Reviews

WOWZA. I’ve been facing a lot of adversity in life recently. If you’ve missed me, that’ll will be why. If you’re interested or care enough to find out what’s been going on head to my social media accounts (I share waaay too much of my life, I know).

For those of you more interested in makeup than my mishaps (I don’t blame you. Really, I don’t): today I thought I’d kick of with a week’s worth of random reviews to take my mind off it all. I love trying highstreet products I’ve never used before and I know how much you gals love list posts with links, so hopefully this will be the perfect combination of both 🙂


So without further adieu, enjoy!

First up is…

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation & Concealer in Ivory


If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m a fan of Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation and Concealer. They’ve been my go-to’s for well over a year now and even though I do mix it up from time to time, I always find myself going back to my comfort zone. When it comes to foundation, I think it’s right to stay in your comfort zone, so long as it actually works for you. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it – right?

Well, I do normally take my own advice but the other day, I felt half-adventurous. I say “half” adventurous because although I decided to REPLACE my foundation with a new one (my Lasting Finish was totally dry by the way, so I really was replacing rather than stocking up), I totally went for the safe option by choosing a very comparable formula by the same brand.

I’m not ashamed of choosing the safe option, though, because it ended up being the right option! Since using Match Perfection I’ve noticed that my skin feels a lot more breathable throughout the day, even when set with powder. Strangely the coverage is the same – highly buildable, colour correcting and somehow still weightless. The coverage and soft-focus effect is what I’ve always loved about Lasting Finish, so I’m delighted to have a version that is similar, but more suitable for my skin in the summer!

I’d give the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation & Concealer a 9/10 overall.

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush


Real Technique Brushes are such good quality and super affordable, so whenever I get the chance to add a new edition to my collection I take it. The Sculpting Brush was on display at my local drugstore the other day, so obviously it piqued my interest. The Sculpting Brush is designed for contouring and defining the face (something I do on a daily basis), so I knew it would get its fair share of use in my ownership!

Ever since getting it home, my Morphe contour brush (from the beloved 690 6-piece set) has become redundant. I just love the shape of the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush – it fits in the hollows of the cheeks perfectly. It is precise enough to chisel but soft enough to blend and blur for a naturally fierce look!

With all this in mind, I’d give the Real Technique Sculpting Brush a 7/10.

L’Oreal Paris Black n’ Sculpt Superliner


L’Oreal isn’t a brand I use much but whenever I have, I’ve been pretty disappointed. It’s not that the products are of bad quality, because clearly they work for a wide range of people – it’s just that I always seem to find something better by different brand. Maybelline and Rimmel are BY FAR my favourite highstreet makeup brands but annoyingly I’m not keen on any of their liquid eyeliners. Miss Sporty has been my go-to for liquid liner for some time now, because it is waterproof and extremely flexible (not to mention cheap).

I honestly only own the L’Oreal Paris Black n’ Sculpt eyeliner because my hubby picked it up in a rush. He knew what I needed, he just didn’t know which one I needed – bless him for trying! I decided not to be spoilt and use this one up before replacing it, so that’s why I’m able to give this review! So, here goes:

The L’Oreal Paris Black n’ Sculpt Superliner has a long spherical tip. It looks effective and when swatched on the hand is clearly very precise. However, when applied to the eyes I found that the product seeped and spread a little, countering any of the benefits you’d receive from using such a precise, pinpoint tip. In addition to this tidying up is a nightmare. The formula dries really quickly and therefore flakes up if you try to apply a second coat.

I’m disappointed, again, so I’ll give the L’Oreal Paris Black n’ Sculpt Superliner a mere 3/10.

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish in Greyge


I hate painting my nails. Hate, hate, hate, HATE IT! Why? Because it’s never worth my while. I can spend a good 3 hours priming and perfecting, only for them to chip the very next day. For some reason it’s an activity I have absolutely no patience for, so I only ever buy nail polishes on recommendations. The Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish was recommended to me by a colleague, and as that’s all it takes to goad me into a spot of online shopping, I ordered myself one in Greyge straight away.

It arrived a couple of days later and to cut straight to the chase, I’m obsessed. The lid is long and slightly curved to fit in perfectly in between the thumb and the finger. There’s also grip pads either side to keep you from slipping and smudging. The brush is really wide and able to cover most of my nails in one stroke. The formula is thick but dries quickly, meaning I can whack a clear coat on top without much waiting in between.

I love everything about this nail varnish, most notably how long it lasts and how little it chips. Taking all this into account, I think the Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish is well worthy of an 8/10.

Have you tried any of these products? How have they been treating you? Let me know using the comments section below!

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