Bourjois Contouring Illusion Bronzer & Highlighter Review

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Today I’m super excited to be reviewing the Bourjois Contouring Illusion Bronzer & Highlighter. My little sis took me makeup shopping for my birthday and this product was one among many I picked out. Just like food shopping, I had well-thought through list of things I wanted/needed.


On this list was a warm toned bronzer, as recently I’ve been feeling really dull and washed out using the cool shades in my Morphe 9C palette. Don’t get me wrong, I love the still love the shades but I do think they’re more suitable for autumn and winter. In the summer I like to have a bit more of a glow, so I was looking for a bronzer rather than another contour powder or palette.

We went to our local drugstore because it was right next door to salon in which we had just got our nails done (another birthday treat – such a lucky girl, I know). Annoyingly the makeup aisles were pretty bare and the selection downright disappointing, so I didn’t find one pan of bronzer suitable for my wants or needs. However, just as I was ready to give up, I set my sights on Bourjois Contouring Illusion Bronzer & Highlighter.

It did look a little orangey, and I had my reservations because both the bronzer and highlighter had shimmer embedded within. Shimmer is something I usually avoid in a bronzer altogether, especially if I’m using it to chisel my cheeks and apply some shading to other areas of my face. Nevertheless, it was the best option there and as I’m already a huge fan of the Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer (I use it all over my chest and shoulders during the summer seasons) I was confident that I would enjoy the formula.

I swatched a tester in store, but when I got my own Bourjois Contouring Illusion Bronzer & Highlighter home I couldn’t wait to give it a real trial. I took my makeup off, applied a light base, grabbed my new favourite contouring brush (Real Techniques Sculpting Brush– review to come soon!) and swiped it through the bronzer section of the pan. Straight away I noticed how well the pigment of the powder had been picked up.


Dusting the access off and sucking in my cheeks to reveal the hollows, I began sweeping the brush in upward motions. The texture was just like my Maxi Delight – highly blendable, soft and well pigmented. A little went a long way, and mistakes were easy to buff out. I hate it when my bronzer looks chunky but within seconds of using the Illusion Bronzer I could tell this wouldn’t be a problem. Even though it is a slightly unnatural colour for my pale white skin tone, I was able to make it look seamless and subtle!

I must admit, the highlight section is yet to be used. It has about an equal amount of glitter in it to the bronzer, so I feel like I require something a bit stronger to ensure my highlighted areas really pop. I do like how pale the highlight is though, as this means I am likely to use it when I’m on-the-go or away on a short weekend break for ease.

All in all, I’m really happy with this product. For just £7.99 I’ll definitely be restocking when I run out, though I would prefer separate pans for the bronzer and highlight.

What’s your favourite bronzer this summer? Have you tried the Bourjois Contouring Illusion Bronzer & Highlighter? Let me know your answers and thoughts using the comments section below! ↓


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