Introducing… The Get Better Box™

Ok ladies, it’s been a while. I know – and of course, I’m sorry! But if you follow me on social media, you’ll know that there was good reason for my absence.

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The Get Better Box™ is something I’ve been working on for around 7 months. It’s been all-consuming, exhausting and overwhelming, yet somehow thrilling. I’ve mentioned “my new business venture” here every now and again, without giving too much away, but I’m so glad that I finally get to show you the final piece! I share pretty much everything with you guys, so it felt super unnatural not to be able to let you know what’s going on in my life – especially as it has become such a huge part of it.

Anyway, to save my further rambling, allow me to introduce you to my brand new ecommerce shop!

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Brought to you by:

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A line of carefully curated gift boxes full of get well soon products, designed to help people feel better when they are in a vulnerable moment, run-down or unwell. With a customisable card, FREE gift wrapping, a sleek design that fits through front door letterboxes* and a range of pick-me up products, these are parcels with proper personality.









I won’t give you a full breakdown of the products here, because you can find everything you need to know via the website and I’d LOVE you all to take a look and let me know what you think. Like anything I work on, this project isn’t complete. I’ve dedicated myself to this blog, my copywriting business and now this company, so I’ll continue to constantly make improvements on all three!

Yes, I’ll be stretched and yes it will be hard work but I’m always down for a challenge and hopefully (if all goes to plan) the compromise will be well worth it! So, if you know of anyone who is stressed-out, run-down or out of sorts why not support a new business and send them something that’ll make them smile? 🙂 And don’t forget, there’s no shame in treating yourself…

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