Top Tips for Sweat-Proofing Your Makeup


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. For once, I’m feeling incredibly well-rested and motivated for the week! I guess it just goes to show how important down-time is. Whenever I take some time out to relax, I find that I come back fighting. My mind feels clear rather than cluttered and my fingers are itching to type! It’s a wonderful feeling that reminds me of how much I love my job.

I woke up this morning with an ambitious attitude and decided to make the most of it. I’ve intended to renovate our garage and turn it into a workspace for a while now, but as of this morning nothing had actually been done. “No more putting things off” I promised myself, while firing up the computer and searching for a skip service.

After an hour or so, I had ordered everything needed to transform what can currently only be described as a tremendous tip into a clean and comfortable office for two. It was then I realised I actually had to do some manual labour this week and you all know what that means: sweating.

Yup, this week I am prepared to sweat like a pig in order to get things done. Now I do have Skype meetings scattered throughout my schedule, and I will have to leave the house for groceries, so there ain’t no way I can avoid wearing makeup. And this got me thinking, how on earth will I stop myself from looking like a sweltering hot mess?

Well. I’ve since done some further thinking and thankfully there is a lot I can do. It may take some adjusting and require a tweak or two in my everyday routine, but it’ll be worth it if it means keeping awful panda-eyes and unwanted oil at bay.

Of course, I’m not going to keep this information to myself, so if you’re also looking for ways to sweat-proof your makeup you’ll want to read on:


Take a cool shower before you start

If you’re sweating before you even apply your makeup, you’re on route to a disaster. It is always best to apply your makeup on clean, fresh skin. I recommend taking a cold shower to cool down your body temperature before you start. It’s a great way to begin the day and closes up your pores. Applying foundation or concealer to open pores can leave them clogged, and clogged pores often produce spots. If you’re in a rush, simply splash your face over the tap a few times. It really will leave you with a much more polished appearance overall.


Apply extra primer to your T-zone area

Let’s face it, primer is the glue that holds it all together. Primers are designed to help makeup cling to the skin and without it your foundation is almost guaranteed to slip, especially on a hot summer’s day. And if your skin is oily in general you’ll want to use extra on such days. I recommend concentrating on the T-zone area, which is usually where we produce the most oil.  I’d also suggest sticking to an oil-free primer. Any type of added oil will work against shine control.

Use a tinted moisturiser or dilute your favourite foundation 

Heavy foundations have their place, but when you’re hot and bothered all you really is want something breathable. Sheer foundations and tinted moisturisers are best for this but if you’re worried about coverage simply try diluting your favourite foundation accordingly using a moisturiser. It will lighten the look a little and should prevent your base from slipping and melting too much in the heat.


Try sticking to cream-based products over powders

I love looking matte. It’s my thing. But in the summer, when I sweat, I find it hard to achieve a flawless look. My makeup can look really cakey and the sweat often breaks up the foundation exposing my real skin. Cream-based products don’t look chalky and instead provide a more dewy look. This may not be your preferred look but it is far better than looking as if you are actually dissolving! Cream-based products can be blotted and topped up much easier than powder products. Once powder products are set, they’re set – ANY sort of liquid comes into play and your flawless face is ruined, either by streaks or smudges.


Carry some blotting paper in your handbag 

If you are wearing cream-based products, you are likely to need some blotting paper. You can’t avoid sweating – it doesn’t matter which products you use or what you do beforehand. Blotting paper is much better than layering products on top of one another throughout the day. It removes excess oil without messing up your base and will leave your face/makeup looking (close-to) fresh again. Blotting paper has saved me both money and makeup and I use it to bridge the gap between top-ups.

Ditch lipsticks for lip stains

Creamy lipsticks become extremely smudgeable in warmer weather, so if you’re finding that your lipstick is slipping off and causing you issues you may want to consider swapping it with a lip stain. Lip stains are a really good way of adding a long-lasting pop of colour to the lips. They’re much drier by nature, so you will find that a lip stain or liquid lipstick is far better at withstanding heat.


Use waterproof eye products 

If you have hayfever, then water resistant eye products will already be embedded into your summer routine. However, sweat can also cause mascara to run and eyeliner to smudge. If you’ve had issues with your eye makeup smearing or transferring then you really should look into waterproof alternatives. Usually brands make waterproof versions of their well-loved products, especially when it comes to eyeliners and mascaras, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a decent replacement!


Apply eyeshadow with a damp brush 

Water resistant eye shadows are a little harder to find, so instead you can apply your eyeshadow using a damp brush. This will allow you to pack more pigments onto the desired eye area. Powdered eyeshadows will look less flakey and dry into a nice glazed finish.


Explore beauty products that target shine-control 

There are SO MANY shine-control products on the market at the minute, from facial scrubs and daily serums to post-foundation gels and barrier balms. Finding a product that works is a very unique thing, as what is suitable for one person may not be for another. Explore what’s on offer and make up your own mind, based on your skin type and individual beauty requirements.


Find yourself a good setting spray and ALWAYS use it!

Whilst you’re out exploring, keep your eyes peeled for a good setting spray. And once you have one use it at least twice each and every day to stop your makeup from fading. Not many people know it, but setting spray should be used before AND after you apply your makeup for best results. Again, look for those that are oil-free.

Drink fresh water throughout the day

And last but not least, look after your skin from the inside by staying hydrated. Your skin is very much a reflection of your health, so if you’re looking super shiny it may be a sign that you’re losing too much body fluid and need to replenish. I try to drink 2 litres every day, as it is the recommended daily amount.


That’s just about it for today. I’ll let you know how I get on with my new routine later, but now it’s your turn to share your top tips– use the comments section below!

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