Real Fashion & Beauty Truths: You’re Not The Only One Who Feels This Way!


Has anyone ever told you, “there are plenty more fish in the sea” and that “time heals”?

Yeah, me too. And there was, of course, a large part of me that dismissed these truths.

You see – I either didn’t want to hear them, or believe them. And I most certainly didn’t want to be convinced.

Luckily for you, these are the types of truths I’m going to avoid today.

Instead I’m going to be listing out (and reassuring you on) the things that no one really talks about, but everyone secretly hopes are actually real and better yet, universal.

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So ladies, let me tell you once and for all, that you are not alone in thinking…

No heels are comfortable. Like, really – when you actually define the word comfortable.

Makeup transfers… onto anything. No amount of setting spray will keep your bronzer from marking up your fellas best Tee.

White jeans don’t stay white for long. No one can keep them consistently clean!

Playsuits look nice, but don’t always play nice. You literally CANNOT wear one unless you’ve got a toilet assistant to-hand for the night.

No matter how many circular motions you use, some fake tan will always look streaky.

And whilst we’re on the subject I may as well tell you, you can not achieve a totally natural looking tan using shop-bought cosmetics. You can get close, but it’s almost always not close enough.

Home-painted nails chip immediately. They just do.

Stick-on strapless bras only work for those who don’t sweat. So basically, that’s no-one.

There’s no such thing as (truly) perfecting a makeup technique. Mistakes will ALWAYS be made, minor or major.

We all undo our high waisted jeans after eating, if we can get away with it…

Almost all armpits have camel toes.

That fashion item you can’t afford? Yeah, it wasn’t “MADE FOR YOU”. Get over it. Move on. Shut up.

Whether you do ‘damp denial’ or channel your inner Paddington Bear, you’re not the only one who dresses like a dick when it rains.

Stealing your sister’s/friend’s clothes and failing to give them back without feeling bad is normal. It also makes you a MEGA BITCH, like the rest of us 🙂

Got something to add? Relieved to relate?

Let me know using the comments section below!

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