Bonus Post: Help Advice For Better Sleep Month

I won’t say welcome this time, as I’ve already posted today. What I will say is that this post is in honour of Better Sleep Month, which if you didn’t know is taking place right now! That doesn’t mean I’m telling you to fold up your jumper, place it on your desk, lay your head down and take a snooze right now, but what I hope simply sharing this information with you will do is promote you to take some self-help advice from the professionals, i.e. Casper.

Casper is quickly becoming one of my favourite lifestyle brands. This isn’t because I’m buying loads of products from them, nor is it because I’m getting any for free (cos’ I’m not). The reason I’m so behind them is their content and ethics. They’re a compassionate brand that do a lot to promote health and remove the stigma related to mental health issues.

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SO…if you have trouble sleeping, for whatever reason, keep scrolling…









Honestly, I’ve suffered all of the above at least once in my lifetime. My sleep currently suffers most due to a busy mind or hunger, so these tips are really relevant and useful to me.

What keeps you up at night? Let me know using the comments section below and be sure to pass this onto your friends and family to raise awareness šŸ™‚

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