Bonus Post For Stress Awareness Month: Day Napping (YES, FOR ADULTS!)

Happy weekend ladies! Wowza it’s been a long time since I actually posted anything here on a Saturday. Normally that’s when I’m preparing my posts for the week, and that is in fact what I’m about to do next (yes, that does mean you’ll finally have a full week again… promise!) However, I thought I’d stall for a little bit to share something really important with you.

As many of you may already know, April is Stress Awareness Month. Of course it is now nearing the end but was desperate to make time to post something in honour of this, as I’m a huge sufferer of stress and anxiety myself and believe it’s great to talk about these things so that we can tackle them together and spread recognition.

I’ve shared lots of tips and advice on this subject before, and have posted a few times about the importance of getting a good sleep. What I’ve never mentioned here on Make Me Up Marie is day napping. Day napping is something I do more often than I’d ever like to admit. I probably have a little siesta 2-3 times a week, and the only reason I’m revealing this now is because I’ve recently been reassured that not only is this okay, but it is actually healthy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 17.03.59

Casper sells the most beautiful range of mattresses, sheets and pillows and made a huge effort this month to promote naps for adults. They showed me this guide with all the deets and I was super excited to learn that napping is actually a legit way to de-stress! It made me feel a whole lot better to know that I’m not lazy and so I figured you guys ought to see this too:

Casper Napping101

Do you ever take naps during the day? How do you de-stress?

Use the comments section below to let me know and don’t forget to spread the zzzz’s by sharing this post with your friends and family!

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6 thoughts on “Bonus Post For Stress Awareness Month: Day Napping (YES, FOR ADULTS!)

  1. So glad naps are healthy! I suffer from anxiety too and will sometimes put off other things to nap… but it does usually make me more productive in the end? I think so anyway.

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