Today, for some strange reason, I dug through my wardrobe, reached right to the back and pulled out this lost leopard jacket/coat that I bought nearly 5 years ago. I used to wear it at college (and get laughed at, being called a ‘pimp’), which is funny because faux fur is super fashionable right now, as are oversized coats. That’s part of the reason I pulled it out – I’ve seen coats like this come back around and personally, I love them.


Because the coat is quite big and bold, I like to team it with all black or all brown. I think gold goes really nicely with leopard print, so I found a T speckled in gold and threw a simple chain necklace on top.


Though mainly gold, the necklace has little silver leaves. I think this breaks up the outfit a bit, as sometimes looking too matchy-matchy can appear naff.


To me, this is a super casual outfit. I wouldn’t wear it to work or even on a day-date. Instead it’s the type of thing I would wear on the weekends, when I’m running errands and want to be comfortable.


I think the coat could easily be dressed up, though. I’d wear it on top of a slinky black dress on a night out, with court shoes or pointed stilettos and a nice clutch.


I’ve worn it previously with big statement earrings and hair up, and was complimented on how ‘glam’ I looked.


It’s faux fur, but this doesn’t really reflect the way it looks. The fur is also short, which helps to make it looks silky and stay soft.


I’ll probably be keeping this coat for a year or so longer, which is something I honestly didn’t think I’d say when I bought it. It was a spontaneous purchase, but one I’m pretty glad I made.


It’s safe to say I’ve got my fair share of use out of it!


Call me a hoarder, but I realised a long time ago that collecting clothes is a good idea. Fashion is always repeating itself and what may be outdated one week may become hot stuff the next.


I’m wearing: Jeans: H&M | Top: Miss Selfridge | Boots: Forever 21 | Necklace: Primark.

What are you wearing today? Do you ever pull out old items that have gathered dust in your wardrobe?

Let me know using the comments section below!

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