Today I’ll be reviewing the incredible Kick Ass Concealer by Soap & Glory, just as the title suggests 🙂 I picked up this three-piece flaw camouflage kit while I was shopping for my sisters birthday present on Saturday. I hadn’t been to a ‘big Boots’ in ages (if you’re UK based you’ll know what I mean. It’s basically just a supersized drugstore), so when I travelled into Bromley and saw what was on offer I was pretty overwhelmed. I wanted to swatch everything!

There were loads of new makeup aisles full up with products I’d never even seen before. I noticed brands like Collection and Sleek were finally taking up more room in the store, and that there was generally a stronger focus on highstreet brands within the shop. A few years back, the luxury makeup counters were dominant but these days I get a different feel.

I personally feel like highstreet brands are kicking luxury brands to the curb right now, and Soap & Glory is a great example of this. Soap & Glory initially started up as a bath and body brand but it wasn’t long before it started producing makeup products. The brand now has a full face, lips and eyes range, and the Kick Ass Concealer is a best seller.


It literally jumped out at me, with its bold cartoon mag/comic strip style packaging and powerful name and I simply couldn’t leave it alone once I’d picked it up. For just £10, you get two concealers and one finely milled pressed powder with a puff pad and mirror. The compact is no bigger than the palm of my hand, making it ideal for city gals and those constantly on the go.


The Kick Ass Concealer is the first makeup product by Soap & Glory that I’ve actually tried and I can happily admit that I’m incredibly impressed! The concealer is buttery and clay-like, but smoothes on perfectly when you use your fingers. It’s highly buildable and provides good coverage with just one swipe, which makes it ideal for those (like me) with dark circles and red blemishes.


I love the fact that you get two colours, and that both colours are a perfect match for my skin tone. I use the lightest (step 2) under my eyes and slighter darker one (step 1) for any other imperfections. Step 3 is a translucent powder, designed as a setting agent. It works really well to avoid creasing and should be applied straight after step 1 and 2.


Having all this is one is a dream come true for me. I’m forever carrying pressed powder and concealer in my handbag to touch up my makeup throughout the day and this product just made that a whole lot easier!

Have you used any Soap & Glory makeup products?

What’s your verdict?

Let me know using the comments section below 🙂

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