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Ever feel like the world is working against you? Like whatever you do to push forward, something is there ready and waiting to sweep you right back to where you just came from? I do, and sometimes it gets me down. Sometimes I feel like ‘giving up’ or ‘accepting defeat’, and I know, at least from talking to my own friends, that I am not alone in this.

Life is tough for a lot of people right now, for many different reasons. The struggle is on a global scale, and seems to worsen by the day…. especially if you watch/read the news. But no matter how grim things seem or how deflated you feel, there’s reason to keep pressing on.

You see, the world needs fabulous people who are determined and persistent  – people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill and Malala Yousafzai. I mean, can you imagine where we would be today if they had shied away from their good deeds in self-doubt or fear?

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I’m a strong believer that we each have a calling in life, and that every calling can be great when properly pursued. You were put here on earth for a reason, with your unique personality, passions, skills and point of view. You’re meant to do very unique work in this world, but simply knowing this won’t make it easy.

The greatest accomplishments are usually the hardest to achieve – but that’s part of what makes them so great. What makes people like Winston Churchill and Malala Youasfzai so great is the way they’ve battled against all odds to pursue their life’s calling.

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What will put you in the same category of greatness, I hear you ask? Well, as a general rule, true greatness and success (depending on how you measure it) are usually a result of outstanding strength and resilience. And when I say strength and resilience, I’m not referring to your build, height or muscle mass – I’m referring to the attitude you approach situations with and that fire that burns deep within, powering you like a battery.

“Nothing that is easy is worth having” is a quote I try to keep in mind whenever I’m feeling weak and fragile. It’s one motivational tool of mine that helps with mindfulness, and today I’d like to share a few more with you. So (finally – yes, I know what you’re thinking!) here are my four tips on being productive when the world won’t let you be fabulous:

Keep calm and carry on


The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and will continue to solve the problems of the human race. Apply it to your own life and you’ll be forever moving forward, into a new space where new things can happen. Circumstances change and so do people – keeping calm and simply carrying on is the best way to think and act when you’re dealing with the uncontrollable.

Don’t look sideways

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We all do it, but sometimes weighing yourself against others can be fatal.  It can cause self-doubt and as a result, lead you to misguide yourself. You can’t be anyone else, and you can’t put yourself in anyone else’s position, so why waste time trying? Stop taunting yourself and start realising that nothing separates you from the people you admire. They have intrusive self-degrading thoughts from time to time, and they also put on a display to the rest of the world. What’s most important to remember, is the path you’re on and where it’s taking you. Do, change and control what you can, let the rest be what it will.

Keep your eye on the goal

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Not looking sideways ultimately means keeping your eye on the goal, but I thought I’d reiterate for impact. Being focused is step one when it comes to being productive – you need to know what you want and constantly work towards it. It’s not pace that matters, it’s stamina and endurance. Anytime you’re thrown off your course, climb straight back on even if it means taking a few steps back. This way you’ll always be on track.

Concentrate on your powers, not your problems

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We are all victims of life. We’ve suffered through deaths of loved ones, experienced natural disasters, undertaken wars, been bullied – it’s what happens when you live on our planet and integrate yourself into the communities within it. The one thing that keeps us from falling apart? Our ability, as humans, to problem-solve. Instead of wallowing self-pity, defeated by the issues that surround them, our leaders have concentrated on their skills and cultivated them to ensure they can overcome (or at least tackle) whatever obstacle is in the way. If you want to get stuck, let your problems consume you. If you want to be fabulous, work hard to hone your powers.

Has anything in this post resonated with you?

Do you have any self-help tips of your own to share?

Use the comments section below to get involved in todays conversation! As always, I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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  1. I really love this! Especially concentration on your powers not your problems I think that one is huge! Thank you 🙂

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