Like many people, I can count my good friends on my two hands, and my best friends on one. I think it’s fair to say that best friends are rare. Though most of us have one or two of them, that’s probably all we’ll ever really have. And that’s mad to think when you consider how many people we meet on a daily basis.


Today I thought I’d celebrate best friends, because… well, why the hell not!? I enjoyed writing Tuesday’s post so much that I thought I’d do another one in a similar style, but this time displaying the difference between good friends and best friends.

I’m dedicating this post to Sam Copper, Chantelle Simpson, Lydia Abbott, Kathryn Hole and Lola Ogunrinde – in no particular order! Love you guys!

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1. Good friend: May awkwardly convince you to lend them a few items of clothes, and will give them back immediately after they’ve worn them.

Best friend: Will go through your wardrobe without asking, take something and forget to tell you until months later.

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2. Good friend: Talks about their personal lives, but won’t go into details and will alway try to put a positive spin the story.

Best friend: Will snot on your favourite jumper as she cries hysterically about the argument she just had with some b*tch.

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3. Good friend: Can impressively remember how you like your tea.

Best friend: Will tell you to go make it yourself. And bring in the biscuits while you’re at it!

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4. Good friend: Will bring a bottle of wine to your BBQ and say thanks for the invite!

Best friend: Turns up early, eats all of the food and gets you drunk. Turns out to be the best night, EVER!

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5. Good friend: Knows what you do and where you work.

Best friend: Meets you on your lunch break and picks you up when you work late.

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6. Good friend: Will offer to pay the bill upfront, but keep log of what you owe. And vice versa.

Best friend: Says, “you get it next time” even though she knows you’ll forget. Or “order me this next month” *shows Boohoo shopping cart*.

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7. Good friend: Text’s you asking if you can take that Facebook picture down.

Best friend: Comments for all to see saying, “B*tch. just you wait!” and comes back with vengeance…

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8. Good friend: May sleep in the same bed after a night out.

Best friend: Will 100% spoon after a night out.

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9. Good friend: Will try to fill in the gaps when an awkward silence occurs.

Best friend: Won’t ever notice an awkward silence in your presence, and vice versa.

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10. Good friend: Will beat around the bush when trying to find something out.

Best friend: Always comes straight out with direct questions, and you return with honest answers.

Please note, some of the pictures that feature in this post are extremely old!

Don’t call the fashion police just yet, wait to see what I’ve got in store for #FashionThisFriday and then make your judgement… 😉

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