I’m always writing about makeup and beauty products, but sometimes looking your best is all down to your lifestyle and daily routine. Not getting enough shut-eye at night can be a real beauty burden, not to mention a general life hindrance. Recently, I’ve not been sleeping well. You’d think it’s because I have a lot going through my head, but there are all sorts of reasons why people struggle to sleep at night, so rather than give you a diary-like entry I figured I’d treat you to some of the tips I use to beat insomnia. I’ll get on with it then, shall I? 🙂

Keep A Regular Pattern

At times it is easy to neglect the basic things you’ve learned in life. When you were a child, your parents would give you a bedtime and as a result, you would keep a pretty well-regulated sleeping schedule. As an adult, it is your responsibility to make all aspects of life work for you, including sleeping at night. Take control and adopt a regular pattern by waking up at the same time every day and going to bed at the same time every night. If this isn’t something you are doing already, chances are implementing this will make a big difference.

Create Your Own Bedtime Ritural

For some people, getting ready for bed is as easy as chucking some pjs on and crawling under the covers, but for others it takes a lot more to wind down into a state that is ready for sleep. If you are one of these people, try to notice it in yourself and then make a change. Creating your own bedtime ritual could be just what you need to get into the correct state of mind and fully unwind from the day. It could simply be taking a relaxing bubble bath right before you get into bed, listening to some music or stretching your muscles. Whatever it is that helps you to relax or feel sleepy, do it!

Stay Away From Digital Devices

Bright lights and electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and TV’s are proven to  interfere with sleep and your body’s rhythms. The blue light emitted by electronics is extremely disruptive, so if you can try to avoid looking at your phone or watching TV two hours before bedtime. It may sound boring, but it will give you time to read a book or reflect on the day by writing a diary. Those two hours are good hours to unwind and offload, and it is important to remember that you do not need tech to do that.

Avoid Day Naps

When you suffer from insomnia or have really odd sleeping habits, it can be super tempting to take naps throughout the day. Of course, sleep is vital and some is better than none, but by napping during the day you are messing up your body’s rhythms even more. Instead, try to hold out until your dedicated “bedtime” for at least two weeks. It may not work at first, but your body will eventually give in and allow you some rest.

Drink Less/No Caffeine

Caffeine affects different people in different ways, so if you are a coffee lover you may want to check whether or not your drinking habits are relevant to the trouble you’ve been having sleeping. There’s no real harm in testing this for yourself by avoiding caffeine for a while and seeing if it has a knock-on affect at night. If it makes no difference after a fair trial, then you can go back to allowing yourself a limited amount of caffeine a day, because we all know caffeine should never be drunk in excess… right!??

Trick The Mind

Ah, the mind. It’s a weird but wonderful thing, and if you know how you can play tricks on it. If you’re going nights without sleeping at all, it may be worth trying reverse psychology on yourself. You can do this simply by telling yourself NOT to go to sleep.

Now, for this to work, you still need to be without TV or any electronic devices. You can read, draw and write or listen to relaxing music, but you should be comfortable and not moving around. By telling yourself not to sleep, your mind and body should soon rebel.

It is also important to remember that this is the same the other way round. If you tell yourself to sleep, you’re less likely to drift off, as there is added pressure and again, the mind/body rebels. We are complex beings, but small things can make an enormous difference.

Inhale Through Your Left Nostril

When your mum is a yoga teacher, you get to pick up lots of neat ways to loose up the body and relax the mind. One of the best tricks I picked up is inhaling through your left nostril, lying on your left side, with your finger on your right nostril to close it. This sounds super strange, but it actually is a way to reduce blood pressure and clam you down at night. Apparently this is widely suggested by Holistic therapists for menopausal women, as it can minimise hot flushes.

Find Your Trigger

There are many different triggers in life – many that you may never even notice. Triggers related to anxiety, triggers related to stress, triggers related to joy, triggers related to jealousy and so on. Triggers are often unique to the individual, so to find yours you simply need to take a step back. Look at the movements, people and objects that make you feel or act a certain way, and learn to use them to trigger emotions in yourself. For example, I find that having a good night cuddle with my rabbit before we both go to bed triggers tiredness in me. I also snooze straight off when I can convince Sam to stroke my hair, and always sleep better after saying ‘Sweet Dreams’ to a loved one.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Will you try these tips?

Let me know using the comments section below, and if you have your own methods to share please don’t be shy!

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