2015 wasn’t the best year for me. A lot of good things happened (I mean really, really GREAT things, that I am so thankful for) but overall it was a tough and relentless year. In 2016, things have to change, for both myself and Sam, and our business, which is why we were so happy to welcome a New Year. For many people a New Year marks a fresh start, and though I’ve never usually been big on the whole New Year’s Eve thing, this time was different.

As Sam and I began discussing arrangements for the 31st, we realised we had similar ideals:

“I don’t feel like waking up on the 1st with a rotten hangover, or spending loads of money just for the sake of it” said Sam.

“Me neither! I just want to hibernate somewhere and regenerate!” I said, as I shook my head in utter agreement.

The idea of champagne showers and loud house music was a nice one, but not suited to us this year. Instead, the prospect of a spa retreat with a pool, sauna and steam room seemed far more appealing.

After not much time at all, we’d weighed up the options and decided that it would be a good investment to make for the sake of our health and sanity – after all we would easily spend £100 on cabs to and from a club this time of year. As a couple that works together and lives together, we spend a lot of time with each other but much of this time is spent working, or discussing work, and sleeping, so ‘us’ time is extremely important to find, and quite frankly it couldn’t wait any longer.

On Boxing Day, Sam showed me a few options online and a little later he booked a one night stay at Tudor Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club in Maidstone. I must admit, I was relieved to finally have something set in stone, and I was equally as pleased that I’d be entering  2016 in the way I had so desperately hoped.


I snapped the whole time, which meant I failed to take many great pictures, but in case you’re wondering it was everything we needed and more. When we got to the hotel our room was ready right away. We’d asked for a double bed but they’d given us two king sizes, so we had someone push them together to create one enormous bed! After settling in we went for a swim and came back starving, so ordered some room service to keep us going until dinner. Then we took a nap and watched some TV. It felt so good to actually relax – we left the laptops behind and for the first time in ages, my shoulders had dropped and the tension had gone.


We had a romantic dinner at the hotel that night (as the plan was not to leave the location at all) and sat in the lobby bar people watching, making up stories of where we think they’re going and why we think they’re here. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re able to enjoy each other.


While having a cigarette outside, we realised we could see fireworks across the golf course and so we decided to wrap up warm and cosy up in the car to watch the display. We entered the New Year hand in hand, listening to the countdown on Radio One and blissfully watching fireworks in the comfort of our own car.






How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Let me know using the comments section below!

Lots of love,

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6 thoughts on “HELLO 2016, GOODBYE 2015! | #THERAPUTICTHURSDAYS

  1. We were the same this year … Spring cleaned our apartment and went out for early dinner. Watched a sweet piece on TV roald dhal “the tortoise” and jules holland even though we had 2 places to go out to … Felt a bit wiped out and this fitted with what we needed.
    New Year’s Day got up fresh as a daisy and went to Greenwich park … Breakfast in a boutique pub and a meander back up the hill through the park.

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