5 Things That Will Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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If I’m honest, keeping New Year’s Resolutions isn’t something I’m an expert in. I set myself monthly – even weekly goals – all year round, and manage to meet them just fine but when it comes to setting a New Year’s Resolution, something suddenly changes and success is hardly ever mine to claim.

I think there’s a lot to be said about the types of New Year’s Resolutions people set, including myself. They are almost always unrealistic and on a whole, we are never fully prepared. There’s a lot of pressure to think up a New Year’s Resolution in the lead up to January, and with it being one of the most asked questions this time of year it is easy to say something to impress without comprehending what is actually involved. And then we feel disappointed in ourselves for not living up to expectations.

This year, I’m taking control. Taking control of my own destiny by doing things the right way. Want to join me? Here are 5 things that will actually help you keep to your New Year’s Resolution in 2016:

Starting small

Remember what I said about the types of resolutions we set ourselves and how unrealistic they can be? This year what I want you to do is start small, by setting a personalised goal that is achievable. Setting a goal that is achievable doesn’t mean you are lazy, nor does it mean it won’t be a challenge – it simply means you’re not setting yourself up to fail. For example, resolving to never eat your favourite food again is unrealistic, whereas promising to limit yourself to it once a week and then eventually once a month is actually attainable.

Making a realistic plan

Some of you may be wondering why I’m posting this now, weeks in advance, but I promise there is a good reason and that’s that I want to give you enough time to prepare. As I briefly mentioned in the intro, there’s a lot of pressure surrounding New Year’s Resolutions. One of the ways you can take the pressure off, I believe, is to have a plan. Knowing how you are going to achieve a goal makes all the difference. Not only will it work to motivate you, it will also help you shut down anyones doubts (which unfortunately, many people like to share, as it makes them feel better about their own downfalls).

Shouting about it

What you most certainly shouldn’t do is try to avoid hearing peoples thoughts and opinions is keep your New Years Resolution a secret. Shouting about your goal will work wonders to actually help you stick to the plan. I personally find proving people wrong to be extremely satisfying. Instead of taking on-board negative comments, turn to those that support you, like friends and family, and use the negative comments to power your success!

Practising patience

Patience, a lot of the time, is the key to success. We are so used to having/wanting everything right NOW, almost on-demand, that I fear the next generation may forget the importance of practising patience. Why is it so important? It’s important because nothing truly good happens over night, and applying patience to all aspects of our lives means we could open doors that would otherwise stay closed. For example, if I were to give up on Make Me Up Marie all those times I felt like it, it would never be where it is now. Make Me Up Marie requires patience as well as effort, because efforts aren’t always instantly rewarded.

Reward yourself 

And because efforts aren’t always instantly rewarded, it is important to reward yourself and acknowledge each small achievement. If you want to try and stick to your plan and make a success of your New Year’s Resolution, you should keep track of your progress and think of ways to reward yourself that do not contradict what you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you’re Resolution is to slim down, it’s probably not best to reward yourself with a giant takeaway; but instead you could treat yourself to some cool new gym clothes.

Have you found this post helpful? Let me know using the comments section below or share it with your friends 🙂 Thanks for reading, oh and GOOD LUCK!

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