25 Simple Home Decorating Tips For Everyone

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There was once a stage, when I was around 12-14, that I wanted to become a interior designer when I “grew up”, but that dream quickly shattered when someone told me I’d need to be good at math. I look back now and it angers me that superiors were so pessimistic about my ambitions. Now that I have my own platform and my own readers, I can do anything I like – so today I’d like to share some of the simplest decorating tips that anyone can use! I’ve picked them up through my own experiences, reading about other people’s experiences, watching Grand Designs and spending far too much time imagining my dream home. Enjoy 🙂

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1. Choose furniture before you choose wall colours

2. Give furniture room to breathe

3. Layer up the lighting

4. Reflect light using mirrors

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5. Open up a small space with neutral colours

6. Create space using a built-in wardrobe

7. Warm up a cold room with a cosy rug

8. Don’t overload a room with busy wallpaper – opt for a statement wall instead

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9. Use different textures to add depth to a rooms design

10. Concentrate on/pay for a quality finish – it makes all the difference

11. Use colours that compliment each other

12. Only clash colours in details (cushions, curtains, rugs), never attempt to colour clash with painted walls

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13. Stick to a theme or era to reflect

14. Match the front door to the tone of the house

15. Re-use materials to save money

16. Create focal points using paintings, mirrors, headboards or fireplaces

17. Use block colours in narrow hallways

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18. Stick to a maximum of 3 colours in a room – then use different shades of chosen colours to add variety

19. Incorporate your personality to add individuality

20. Paint two small rooms the same colour to create a sense of space

21. Carry a carpet through to join rooms together and help the ‘flow’ of the house

22. Never try to live with something you hate

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23. Update lampshades for an instant burst of renovation

25. Let the sun in as much as you possibly can – it will enhance the appearance of everything

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