10 Thoughts All Bloggers Have


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  1. *morning alarm goes off* I’m just going to check my stats before I hit snooze.
  2. Wait… was that Instagram that just popped up? How many likes did I get over night?!
  3. How about Facebook? What are these notifications? Please let them be actual notifications and not event alerts and invites!
  4. Now I’m fully awake. That wasn’t worth it.
  5. *snooze goes off* I’M UP, I’M UP! SHHHHH.
  6. I need coffee. Coffee will help. But where are all my cute cups?
  7. *washes up cup and pours coffee* omg this does look cute! I’ll Instagram it.
  8. This isn’t working. Maybe I should take it outside by the flowers?
  9. *looks outside* Maybe not.
  10. *sips coffee* You plonker, Marie! It’s cold now!


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  1. *2 hours in* I wish I could spend all this time blogging. My blog would be soooo much better!
  2. I haven’t caught up on Forever Amber for a while. 1 post won’t take long to read – I’ll just read one right now.
  3. I should let Amber know what I think. I’ll just let Amber know what I think.
  4. Right I really need to work. But first, lemme take a selfie.
  5. How can I make my office chair look glam? Let’s just use this white wall.
  6. *20 bursts later* That’s probably all I can fit in without someone catching me.
  7. *trying to be sly* How about this angle?
  8. Nope. Double chin alert. DELETE!
  9. Might as well post one now, otherwise what’s the point!? I should list the makeup products I’m using too.
  10. Is it normal to have to hide your own phone from yourself? I don’t care I need to do it either way *turns phone on silent and slips it in bag*.


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  1. *opens laptop* Right, let’s do this.
  2. What the hell am I doing?
  3. *checks phone* Why do I only have 5% battery? I’ve hardly used it today!
  4. OH yeah, I remember. I had some ideas saved in my drafts.
  5. Nope. Don’t like these ideas. Not good enough.
  6. I should feel more prepared. I’ll just make a start and see how I get on.
  7. *20 minutes later* OMG I actually think this will make a cool blog post.
  8. *5 minutes on* What if I’m being bias and really what I’ve written is a heap of sh*t?
  9. *deletes 2 paragraphs* Now I’ve lost 20% of my word count. Why did I do that?
  10. Enough is enough – let’s just let the readers critique it *hits publish*.


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  1. How did my blog get on today then? Shall I wait until 12pm to check my stats? I should really – I know I should.
  2. Na, what’s the point in waiting. I’ll see them again at 12 anyway.
  3. Oh. Well that’s disappointing. I knew what I’d written was a heap of sh*t!
  4. There’s still time to change it around. I’ll quickly promote it again before dinner.
  5. *3 hours later, on Pinterest* Wow. How is that the time? I only pinned like 30 outfits!
  6. I’ll just add a few more.
  7. Oh, I’ve already pinned that picture. Have I? Maybe it’s time to open up Instagram.
  8. I’m actually, like, working right now. I deserve a takeaway.
  9. Yep, I’m going to order a Chinese.
  10. 45 minutes to like 50 more Instagram pictures and get Netflix up. I got this!

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