I originally planned (in my head) to write and publish this post on Wednesday when the title, standing for “Woman Crush Wednesday”, would have actually been fitting but you know, stuff happened – as it does – and I didn’t ever get round to it. Nevertheless, I do still want to show my 4 favourite picks for the month, as I so love the concept of celebrating women for their brains as well as their beauty and the more often we get to do it the better! It’s for this reason that I’ve decided not to wait until next week and instead just post it for you guys now 🙂 It’s something a little different to usual, so I’d love to hear what you think – please leave comments in the section below!

Stacey Dooley

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A British television presenter with a beautiful personality, Stacey Dooley is well worth crushing on and it’s not just because of her luxuriously thick red hair. She stands for fantastic causes, and investigates worldly problems with a view to help and highlight issues. I personally love her because she is super natural and therefore relatable on camera, yet she hasn’t come from a traditional journalism background and was instead spotted when taking part in a documentary called Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts as a teen. She’s popped up a few times recently, on my Twitter feed and on TV, which is always a nice surprise and it has reminded me of what an inspiration she is to young women growing up today.

Lucy Watson

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Um, yeah. I would be lying if I wrote that Lucy Watson isn’t in this line-up because of her looks. She is my top fashion idol. And I think we can all agree she’s absolutely stunning. But she’s also got a brain btw – and a good one too! I’ve recently become re-obsessed with her, as Made In Chelsea LA came back for a bit (the series are just never long enough). We didn’t really get to hear a whole lot of her story this series, partly because she’s majorly loved up with her new boyf (which according to Channel 4 is boring, but I disagree) and partly because there’s been a whole load of other drama/s going on around her colleagues/cast members. What I love about Watson is her straight talking attitude – she believes in what she believes in and doesn’t sway at all once she’s made up her mind. She’s a strong and respectable character who, although on a reality TV show (which we all know is scripted and modified for our entertainment anyway), is actually real and someone I believe should be looked upon as a role model.

Laura Prepon

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I’m kind of disappointed in myself for not loving Laura Prepon, or at least appreciating her talents enough, before now. She’s been in A LOT of things, but for some reason I overlooked her. That’s until recently anyway. I’ve been watching Orange Is The New Black like non-stop in my spare time and out of all the characters (and there are quite a few) I’ve warmed to her the most. She knows how to switch up her persona well on set and looks great with and without makeup, which is soooooo worth a mention for #WCW!

Katarina Johnson Thompson

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 16.52.29

She hasn’t had a huge amount of luck recently, poor Katarina Johnson Thompson. She let the heptathlon medal slide out her hands during the World Championships in Beijing last month but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t an inspiration to many. For me, being a previous ‘mini’ fan of athletics, I found it inspiring to see a woman of my age aiming so high and achieving so well. She may not have gone home with the exact results she came for, but she did take the world stage by storm and made her mark for next time. Katarina is fighting-fight, motivated and determined. No one else deserves this spot more than her – not this month, not ever.

Which women inspire you?


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