3 Questions Every Fashion Blogger Should Be Able To Answer

I was watching fashion TV, or whatever they call it on Sky these days (I was at my parents house), the other day and on it were loads of fashion bloggers getting interviewed backstage. I was really interested in their answers but some of them failed to deliver and looked bewildered, not knowing at all what to say! At first it made me laugh, and then it made me think. Would I know how to answer those questions? What are my answers to those questions?

I quickly came to the conclusion that, as a fashion blogger, I should at least be able to answer some general questions about both fashion and blogging.

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Today I’m going to answer these questions for you and then ask you to try and do the same. You don’t have to post it in the comments section below, but it would be great if you could as I’d love to hear what the rest of you say!

Why do you choose to blog about fashion and not the other things you are interested in?

I blog about fashion because it is a huge part of what I am. It displays my personality and each outfit tells a story. I do also blog about other topics I’m interested in, but I find fashion is a personal passion rather than a professional passion, meaning it’s something I love to write about in my spare time. I wouldn’t have the motivation to blog in my own time about something that didn’t personally interest me, especially as I write for other people all the time. For me it’s a creative release that feels natural rather than forced.

How would you describe your personal style?

Polished and classic with a contemporary twist. I love the days of Audrey Hepburn but I also like to add in some edge. I don’t have a set style – it’s like I’m still deciding – one day I want to be bohemian chic, the next I want to be all minimalist. My personal style also very much relates to what suits me, because I love plenty of trends that simply don’t! For me, an elegant look is more suitable compared to hipster or indie styles.

Where do you buy most of your clothes and why?

I’m pretty mainstream. I love Topshop, Zara and Mango because they’re always en-trend, affordable and good quality. Primark for PJ’s and basic essentials – because – WHERE ELSE!? When I shop online I’m all about ASOS, Missguided and HotMess because they have a great variety and can be relied on most of the time. When it’s a hot-right-now item that I know will quickly go out of fashion I turn to Boohoo.com, cos’ it’s cheap.

Thanks so much for reading lovely ladies! Now it’s your turn to answer… 🙂

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