Six Seasonless Scents

You can’t feel fully polished, no matter how “on fleek” your eyebrows are, without a suitable scent to go with your look. I love perfume and am desperate to go shopping for some as I’m nearly all out. Whilst doing some looking online I realised I’ve never done a post highlighting my favourite scents. Why I have I never done a post about my favourite scents!?

Today I’m going to change that, so open up some tabs and get ready to do some perfume shopping with me ladies! 🙂

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First up is Alien By Thierry Mugler. It comes in a refillable spray bottle and costs £69. It smells woody with a hint of amber and is the type that lingers for hours, so you only need a little dab on the pulse of your wrists and behind your ears. I’d describe it as womanly rather than strictly feminine – take whatever you want from that LOL.

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There’s nothing quite like the smell of Chanel N°19. It’s fresh, spring-like and brimming with sophistication. It does cost £92, but for that you get a 7.5ml bottle of sensational scent. I personally like it because not as many people wear it as they do Chanel N°5 and because it reminds me of my mum… but that may be set to change after I share this! Sorry mum!

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£69 for a 100ml bottle, Daisy By Marc Jacobs is so naughty (for my finances) but so nice (for every day). It’s not too much of an overwhelming smell and instead is subtle and floral. There’s a hint of vanilla and a freshness that smells like it comes from petals.

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Oriental By Zara Woman is one of those unsuspecting smells. It’s a simple looking bottle, so you don’t expect the smell to be quite so complex. There are so many different scents that come through when you spray this perfume, but as far as I can tell there’s vanilla, sandalwood and caramel. I think the sweet caramel mixed in with some floral gives it a feminine base and that the cedar gives it a little kick of passion and power. It costs just £7.99 for 100ml, which I think is an absolute bargain, boarding insanity!!

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Slightly outdated to some of you maybe, but Red Jeans by Versace is a smell I’ll never get over. It’s floral but not quite so sweet as you would imagine, which I guess is why they don’t package it up in pink. The scents coming through are those from lilies, roses, apricots and peaches. There’s sandalwood at the base too, I think. It costs a mere £22.50 for a 75ml bottle. Deeeecent 🙂

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£45 for a 100ml bottle, Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume is both affordable and delightful. It’s a passionate smell, designed to make heads turn. It’s got deep pink roots, with purple passion fruit, vanilla orchids and shangri-la peony coming through to produce a fruity/floral scent.

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Do you have a favourite scent? Do you go low-end or high-end when it comes to perfume? Use the comments section below to have your say!

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