It takes quite a lot to get me irked. I’m a fairly calm and quiet person – a true introvert really (not that you would guess that from my social media accounts), so it’s not often I let something that doesn’t directly affect me anger me. However, having covered so many different topics on Make Me Up Marie (I reached 200+ posts last week!!!!!), I’m always looking for new ways to make my writing resonate with my readers.

What I’m about to talk about hasn’t yet been covered (to my knowledge) and although it’s an awkward subject I think something does need to be done about it and starting that conversation is one step forward. I think it will resonate with you because I’m certain most of you will relate to what I’m talking about, sadly.

If you’re a beauty blogger searching the hastag #bbloggers often on Instagram, you may have noticed an uprise in perverts attempting to subject us to pornography. I HATE having to write that word, and the fact that they even exist. But I’m not being prudish about it because why should I? They’re certainly not!

I have absolutely no issue with porn, the human body or people’s sexual preferences – that’s not what this rant is about. This rant is about the people misusing Instagram and purposely using hashtags to reach a certain audience (young girls and women). The people using this hashtag have a motive, and although it’s not one I even want to think about, I cannot help but ponder on it when it invades my phone each and every night.

The type of Instagram posts I’m talking about are not ones I’m prepared to share here. They are often uploaded in bulk, so every other picture with the hashtag #bbloggers is porn. I have to stress again, that is this pushing uncensored content into the eyes of girls as young as 10. The accounts are often full up with dirty images that don’t look as though they have been professionally taken and instead look like an invasion of people’s privacy – I’m sure they don’t have the permission to use these images from the people that are actually in them.

The people who upload this content using the #bbloggers hashtag creep me out big time, because they are clearly getting a kick out of what they are doing. We deserve the choice of whether or not we want to see this and right now they take that choice away. That, to me, deserves a rant.

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Of course, what’s the point in ranting if it doesn’t get you anywhere? But you see – I’m hoping this one does. If you feel strongly about this too, please share this post among your friends and followers, telling them to report this content and the accounts they come from if they are subject to it. I’m not asking people to search for such content, I’m simply saying that when we come across it we shouldn’t just ignore it, especially if you can tell it has come from a sinister place.


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