You may (or may not) be aware that I recently got my hands on some luxury clip-in hair extensions from Irresistible Me. Since reviewing them, I’ve had plenty of requests for tips on how to style and blend them, hence today’s title and topic. So, without further adieu, here are my top 5 tips on blending hair extensions for those with short hair. Enjoy! 🙂


1. Make sure they are a perfect colour match

Without a perfect colour match you’ll never get your extensions to blend seamlessly, especially if you have short hair. Most (good) places that sell and stock extensions offer a service, either digital or physical, that will help you find the exact shade – so use it!

2. Create a solid base

Once you’ve got the right colour match, length and weight and have decided to put the clip-in extensions in, you’ll need to create a solid base for the wefts. Tease your natural hair at the root, in correspondence to where you think you want the weft to lie. This will help create a thick base to which you will clip the weft, helping to ensure it doesn’t slide on out.

3. Get your hairdresser to cut & blend your own hair with them in

Everyone has different hair, so sometimes internet advice just doesn’t cut it. If you’ve purchased some awesome extensions that seem to sit all wrong against your natural hair you may require a little help from a professional hairdresser or stylist. The next time you get your hair cut bring the extensions along with you and ask the hairdresser if she/he can blend the two either by shaping your natural hair, adding in layers or trimming the extensions somehow.

4. Distribute the extentions evenly

Another important factor in blending clip-in extentions is distributing the wefts evenly throughout your hair. Ideally you want the fake hair to look like your own, so to do this it is crucial to section your natural hair uniformly. Each section should be as little or as large as the last, if that makes any sense. The clip-ins will fit between sections, laying flat and close to the root, providing volume and luxurious length.

5. Style both hair types the same way

No matter how evenly you distribute the hair extensions if they are not styled in the same way as your natural hair this will give it all away. As long as your extensions are human hair, use all the same products on them as you do on your own, including straighteners and tongs. It makes sense to make the fake hair look as close to your own hair as possible, as this will ultimately make blending a whole lot easier. Once secure and in place, shake your whole head and run your fingers through to style just like you normally would (obviously without pulling, but I’d hope you don’t do that often anyway)!

Have you got any of your own tips to share? Did you find this post useful?

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