Jamberry Nail Wraps: How To + Review

This month and the last I’ve make some awesome contacts with brands, which is super helpful to my blogging because they send out care packages containing items to review and I get to entertain my readers and help them make informed decisions. It’s a win-win situation!

On my birthday I received a lovely hand-written note from Whitney, a nail technician at Jamberry Nails. Hidden inside the neatly folded letter was a 6-piece sample accent sheet for me to test out. I was really happy with the designs she had chosen for me and couldn’t wait to test them out. Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.24.32

Now before I get started in my review and how-to, I must tell you that I have never (EVER) used nail wraps. I’ve heard of them, seen them but always assumed for some reason that they wouldn’t work. I guess I feared they wouldn’t last, which is why I was really happy to receive such an item because it’s not something I would’ve tested otherwise.

New to the experience, I first watched a YouTube video on how to apply Jamberry Nails. The Vlogger made it look mega easy and after a few tries myself, I think it is one of the most simplistic ways to create salon-standard nails at home!

How To Apply Jamberry Nail Wraps 

1) First of all push back your cuticles and clean the nails, removing any varnish or dirt. If applying over nail varnish, make sure that it is 100% dry before doing so.

2) Match up your nail to a Jamberry wrap that fits best (they come in all shapes and sizes).

3) Carefully (I used nail scissors) peel off the nail wrap from the sheet and warm up the adhesive using your blow dryer. Do so until soft and flexible, but for no longer than 5 seconds.

4) While still warm, press the wrap onto the nail, aligning it perfectly before applying firm pressure to secure it to the nail. Use a rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle and along the edges.

5) Remove the excess using scissors and file the rest off using a downward motion always.

6) Apply heat from your blow dryer or mini-heater again to ensure the wrap is bonded to the nail firmly.


First Impressions 

I must admit, I didn’t do a perfect job of applying the Jamberry Nail Wraps the first time round, but I do feel confident that they will become much easier the more times I try. I’ve have these Burberry style ones on for 2 weeks now with great success, there’s no chipping and no sign of them peeling away – even when I do the washing up!

On top of my nail they feel just like gels. The texture is plastic and rubbery but they aren’t necessarily that thick. The designs do a great job of not fading, which is something I’m actually quite surprised about. In fact, I’m really surprised with the durability, look, feel, application and quality of these nail wraps and do feel rather silly for ruling them out before!

I’m now looking forward to purchasing a whole load of sheets, notably those with white tips, and exploring all that Jamberry has to offer. If you’d like to try them out for yourself (which I suggest you do) head to https://whitsjams.jamberry.com/ and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading 🙂

6 thoughts on “Jamberry Nail Wraps: How To + Review

  1. I love these! I just went to their site, they have a lot of other cool designs as well 🙂 Do nail wraps last longer than nail stickers? I have really big nails, I hope I’ll find some which are big enough for them xD

    1. They are amazing! Yes, they last much longer – I’ve heard a vlogger say that she’s had her toe one’s on for a good 4 weeks! I’m sure you’ll find ones big enough as they deffo do toe verisons haha! x

  2. I’ve tried them – there is a bit of a learning curve in the application process – I’m usually swearing the entire time, haha! I can get about a week and a half of wear from a set on my hands. I haven’t tried applying to my toes – but it would likely last forever since nail polish lasts way longer on my toes than on my fingers.

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