Irresistible Me | Hair Extensions Review (incl. before & after)


 I am so excited today to be reviewing Irresistible Me hair extensions. I was sent them by the brand, which is based in America, in return for a truthful, unbiased review. The PR who contacted me was super helpful and kind – even going as far to suggest the weight I should opt for and sending YouTube videos to assist in colour match.

As soon as they were shipped I got an email to confirm and was able to track where they had been to get to me, which as a geek I found fascinating! Take a look, if you care:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.28.57

Now with regards to the hair extentions, I should tell you that I have A LOT of experience with A LOT of different brands. I don’t wear them a huge amount anymore, but in the past I wore them non-stop from the age of 14. I must have had over 20 sets of hair over the years, not including clip-on ponytails or real weave. I’ve had all sorts of hair types, colours and lengths, so I think I’m in a pretty good position to provide a valuable review.

With that in mind, let’s get on with it shall we?

Upon opening up the plastic outer packaging that it arrived in I was greeted with a black matte branded box. I love the simplicity of the branding and really like the way the box opens up like a small treasure chest.

Inside I was expecting there to be a long plastic hair container, but what I wasn’t expecting was it to have sections, seals and instructions. Normally I get my hair extentions from Afro Caribbean shops and they simply hang up in plastic covers, connected with material bands to cardboard at the top so they don’t slip out.

Irresistible Me have clearly re-thought this standard packaging option and instead provide you with a much more special unwrapping experience. There’s a select section of hair in which you are allowed to test out, but once you’ve removed the seals of the larger section you cannot return the hair. I kind of like this idea simply because it means they care about their products enough to take such precautions.


 I ripped open the first seal to test the small strand of hair and check if the colour and length was right. I even went as far to measure it, and it was exactly 18inches as I had chosen. Happy with the colour, look and feel of the sample strands, I tore open the seals of the next section and pulled out the long, luxurious extentions.

I stroked them and then stroked my hair. There was literally NO difference! They had a slight bounce and wave because of the way they had been packaged up and this made them look even more natural. They’re 100% Remy hair and upon seeing/feeling them I can now vouch for this.

Being Remy hair means that these extentions can be treated just like your human hair. You can wash, blow-dry, dye, treat, curl or straighten them.

A slight downfall was that, to hold the hair from the larger section together, there was an elastic band tied tight around the top. This caused the hair to have a few unnecessary lumps and bumps that needed to be ironed out, so a suggestion for the brand could maybe be to find a loser solution (maybe a traceless hair ring?) for this instead.

The next thing I checked for was the weight (200g – that’s SOOO much hair). This time I didn’t go to extremes and actually weigh them, but I could feel in my hands how thick they were when bunched together – at this point I was even thinking they wouldn’t all fit on my head at one time!

I couldn’t wait, so I bunged them in straight away. The clips are really strong and secure, so once they snap shut you can rest assured that they won’t slip out. They also sit close to the scalp well and have the same colour stitching and weft to make sure nothing shows through.

I didn’t take much time to blend them but can tell that with a little more work on my behalf they will work perfectly with my natural hair to create a much more full and sexy look. I cannot wait to  curl them!!!

Here’s a little before & after:


Buy yours here:

 What do you think? I’m super happy with the colour (which is Natural Black – really strange as this is also the name of the Nice N’ Easy hair dye I use) as it has brown undertones and doesn’t make me look too fake or my hair too harsh 🙂

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