Monday Blues

Monday’s are hard-work. Nothing more, nothing less – unless you’re doing something out of the ordinary. They’re hard because they signify a whole new week of to-lists, while also marking the end of ‘adults playtime’, otherwise known as the weekend. They require the responsible, ready-for-the-world you, when all you really want is to rewind back to Friday night where the fun and relaxation began.

Week after week, and please tell me I’m not alone, Monday’s (particularly the mornings) are truly dreaded. Maybe it’s because the two lay-ins a week simply aren’t enough, or maybe it’s because we overwork ourselves during the week – I don’t know. What I do know, though, is how to get through them and cheer yourself up.

As material and shallow as it is, today all it took to cheer me up is a little spot of window shopping. It took my mind away from the bad and allowed me to focus on something positive… well, at least I see it that way (I’m sure my bank card doesn’t) and that was, of course, what inspired today’s post 🙂

So, for those of you still fighting the Monday Blues, this one is for you!

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 16.08.38

Do you suffer Monday Blues? What helps brings you “to the right side of the bed” in the morning? Use the comments section below to have your say!


5 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. As you may know, I tend to remember the happy moments from the week before and document them on the blog.
    But shopping (window, or even better, real) is a nice addition 😉

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