MEXICAN NIGHT! (recipe included)

I feel super spoilt at the moment. My friends just keep on giving and giving. I mean, my birthday was last Friday (even I’m bored of telling you this now) and I’m still lucky enough to be celebrating it nearly a whole week on!

Kathryn & Geoff, long-standing friends of both Sam and I, invited us round for a ‘Mexican Night’ as a belated birthday treat. Originally we were popping round to pick up a present that was delivered late, but it seemed silly not to make the most of our time together.

Kath picked up the ingredients on her lunch break at work and we met her at hers for 7pm. Her boyfriend Rhys was there too, so we left the men to it and headed straight to the kitchen to make a start.

I love cooking with friends and fajitas are so quick and easy to do that you can gossip in-between chopping and grating 🙂 Mexican food is a really sociable type of meal to enjoy together with friends, so today I wanted to share some pictures of our night accompanied by a simplistic Old El Paso recipe to encourage you guys to try it out too! Here we go:

You’ll need: 

– Old El Paso Fajita Kit (we went for Extra Mild)

– 500g of chicken (or more)

– A mixture of peppers

– 2 onions

– Sour cream

– Guacamole

Note: You can add anything you like to this mix, it’s really easily to personalise and season to taste. My other suggestions are lettuce, tomatoes and kidney beans.

Inside The Old El Paso Kit:

should be…

– 8 soft flour tortillas (we bought 2 packets)

– 1 stir in sauce or season shaker (depending on which kit you opt for)

– 1 cool herb topping mix

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STEP 1. Wash your hands and the peppers before laying out a chopping board and knife. Begin prepping the peppers and onion (leaving the onion last for convenience) by slicing and dicing them to your preference. If you don’t like too much of a kick, remove the seeds from the peppers.

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STEP 2. While one of you gets on with grating a whole load of cheese (I did the entire contents of the packet), the other should start slicing the chicken into small bite-size pieces or strips.

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STEP 3. Heat a deep pan with a drizzle of olive oil and carefully transfer the chicken, peppers and onions from separate chopping boards into the one pan. Toss it around and listen to it sizzle.

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STEP 4. As the chicken is sizzling away, mix the cool herb mix into a bowl of sour cream. If you’re having lettuce, now would be the time to prep this, but be sure to use a new chopping board!

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STEP 5. When the chicken is slightly browned and just a few minutes away from being fully cooked, pour in the Old El Paso sauce or season mix and toss it around again, being sure to cover each and every piece of chicken. Leave the chicken to continue to cook and move onto the tortillas. Make two scissor cuts in the plastic packaging and place them in the microwave for a mere 30 seconds.

STEP 6. Serve the chicken, peppers and onions in one large bowel, with two spoons so people can top up as and when they like. Place the sour cream, guacamole, tortillas and grated cheese on a tray and stack up a few small plates for people to grab, to minimise mess.

STEP 7. Finally, wash your hands and shout “DINNER’S READY” before digging in and demolishing the whole lot (like I did)!

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TA-TAH… (this should be what the outcome looks like)

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Do you love cooking with friends? Have you found this post useful? Let me know using the comments section below – oh, and thanks for reading! 🙂

PS. Am I the luckiest girl ever or am I the luckiest girl ever. Here’s a look at my gift from Kath:

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