20 Blog Ideas For Fashion & Beauty Writers


Not all fashion and beauty bloggers are writers. They may enjoy completing blogging tasks and having a space in which they can write about the things they love most, but this doesn’t mean their creative juices are constantly flowing. As a trained writer, I’m used to having to think up ideas and deliver to clients, so my creative juices need to be on tap. Nevertheless, even as a professional writer and blogger I suffer writer’s block every now and again so today I wanted to do my best to help those who may be searching for inspiration, much like I was this morning!


20 Blog Ideas For Inspiration 

1. Product Reviews

2. Outfit Of The Day

3. Diary Log (Lifestyle)

4. Blogging Advice

5. Social Commentary

6. Product Spotlights

7. Makeup Menu

8. ‘How To’ Style Posts

9. Fashion/Beauty Haul or Show & Tell

10. Wishlists

11. Room Tour

12. What’s On Your Phone

13. Instagram Round-up

14. 10 Things That Made Me Happy

15. ‘Get The Look’ Fashion Posts

16. A News Story

17. Face Of The Day

18. Hair History (create your own timeline!)

19. A Competition/Giveaway

20. A List Post (like this!)

Do you have any original ideas for blog posts? Share them using the comments section below or simply send me the link to your latest post – I’d love to see what you guys are writing/blogging about!

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