Quirky Boutique Brands You Need To Know About (MEN & WOMEN)


Naomi Shu


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If you’re looking for the latest shoes, Naomi Shu should be your first checkpoint. The brand is super modern and up to date with the trends, clearly following them intently. At the moment they’re all about strappy heels and big fat soles, but who knows what will feature in the future! All I know is that I want to be there for it.



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If you’re looking for a brand that can be quirky cute and goth at the same time, look no further. IndyAnna is a small boutique with a lot to offer. Its pieces all make their own statement and can be worn together or alone. Some of you may want it in your favourites just for Halloween, but if you’re daring enough you won’t care what time of year it is!

Apule Town


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Apule Town is another brand full of statement pieces but the style is completely different to IndyAnna and has a more oriental feel, with tribal patterns mixed in with streetwear and hip-hop inspired attire. They’ve tapped into the mermaid obsession too, so you’ll also find cool printed hoodies and unique beanies for the winter.



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Metamorphoza screams high-fashion but is actually way more affordable that you’d think without looking at the price tag. This boutique is all about the cut and creating dynamic shapes on the body. It uses quality material and lots of it to create ruffles, drapes and unique shapes. Again, if you’re looking for a stand-out piece that will make a statement, this brand is certain to have something to shout about.



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Obsezz is more bohemian glam than high-fashion. It’s quirky, but in a different way to the other brands I’ve already mentioned. There’s a mixture of hippy vibes and the-girl-next door model types, which is a combo I love. You’ll find big bell-sleeves, crochet bralets, backless dresses and off the shoulder tops.




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From minimalist monochrome to loud party prints, Volklore covers contemporary AND retro menswear like no one else. What I like the is variety and how one person may love one shirt but hate the one next to it, while another person likes the complete opposite. What I think this brand provides is an opportunity for men to express their personality through clothes.

Headlock Vintage


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Headlock Vintage is exactly what it says on the label, minus the headlock bit. If a bit of retro style is your man’s thing (or yours, cos’ they’re unisex) then you’ll want to check out the link above. They run off eBay and ASOS too and sell things like Harrington jackets, knitted jumpers and 80s bomer jackets.



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Another one featured on ASOS is Hi-Tec, a modern trainer provider incorporating some classic retro-style. They’re not afraid to add a splash of colour to their kicks and that’s why they standout amongst the rest. The classic style with a modern twist is just the perfect balance for longevity and staying en-trend every year round.

Studio 315


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Printed t-shirts and sweatshirts galore. That’s what you’ll find at Studio 315. It’s worth it. Just trust me.

Gully Garms




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Gully Garms is the one-stop-shop for old-school hip-hop and retro inspired attire. Selling both men and women’s clothes, this boutique brand has everything from suede jackets to adidas bomers and everything in-between. There is, literally, something for everyone – even those searching for basics.

What boutique brands make it to your list of favourites? Use the comments section below to have your say!

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