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It’s nearly one whole year since I turned 20 and in that time I’ve learned a few important (and plenty less important) things. In honour of my birthday this month I thought I’d share 10 things I’ve learnt in the hope that they’re relatable enough for you guys to enjoy! So, ENJOY 🙂

1. The man you meet could be the man you marry…

Until aged 20, even considering this in my head was too far-fetched. Now though, I think it’s likely that I’ll marry the man I’m with now. It no longer seems like an unlikely ‘dream’ and instead is an exciting reality! Also, it’s heard of – whereas you never hear about a couple who have been together since primary school!

2. Learning is great. That’s right, I said it.

Being in your 20’s makes you realise how little you appreciated having the time and resources to learn. Education now seems like a luxury compared to the pressures of adult life.

3. You don’t always get in what you put out. But that’s okay.

Life isn’t as fair as the fairytales are. It takes a while, but in your 20’s you will eventually learn that it’s okay to do something without expecting anything back.

4. Self assurance is the most attractive & important thing to have.

Being comfortable in your own skin and abilities becomes more desirable as you get older, and you realise that following trends and trying to be someone you’re not is a huge waste of time, and a huge turn off! Happiness comes from those that accept who they are and embrace it.

5. Good health won’t last forever. Health is the most valuable wealth.

And learning this (sadly) comes after you experience the wrath of bad health. Being unwell or unhealthy makes you realise that there’s actually something in looking after your body and mind…

6. Real friends are hard to come by, and good friends are even harder to find…

You’re busier than you’ve ever been, which means you loose touch with a few people and start going out less. You have responsibilities that require attention, and you stop making time for meeting new people. When you do meet people, they quickly become acquaintances but hardly ever become close friends. Now you’re in your 20’s, you understand what makes a good friend and what makes a bad friend, and you whittle your friendship groups down. You no longer stand for poor morals.

7. You have to work at love and friendships.

You also realise that being a good friend and lover takes effort and time. It’s a 2-way street and you get that more than ever now.

8. You make your own luck. 

That lucky teddy you took into your 11+ exams won’t get you the promotion you need at work, nor will it help you win a business deal. You make your own luck in life and being in your 20’s confirms that.

9. You’ll always need/want your parents. A L W A Y S.

Remember being a teen and hating being seen or even spending time with your parents? Well, in your 20’s it’s like you’ve done a full circle and you’re back to appreciating them again. Now you pay your own bills and rent, you realise the struggles they’ve been through for you and just how much they cared. You’ll also get a little broody every now and again, making you understand to some extent why it was so hard for them to ‘let you go’.

10. Life always has the potential to get better! How exciting is that?

Now you’ve lived for over two decades, you’ve seen the ebbs and flows of life first-hand. You realise that life can’t always be perfect, but it can always get better. You know there’s time to put things right and you see more potential in things.

Are you in your 20’s? Have you learned some important things? Let me know using the comments section below 🙂

19 thoughts on “10 Things You Learn In Your Twenties | Girls Only!

  1. I’ve just turned 21 about a month ago and all of these are very true~ you realize more about all of your relationships, and you realize that you can’t just get good things from just good luck! great post!

  2. Such an amazing blog post. You’ve said it absolutely right especially related to friends & friendships. I too am in twenties trying to learn what life is teaching me. It sure as hell sometimes hard but this journey is worth travelling. 🙂 <3
    Happy Birthday to you dear.

  3. I feel the same as when I was in my 20’s in some ways.
    When your kids reach that age you look out for them but know it’s their journey so have to step back a bit… Hoping you did it all right for them so far.
    What a pleasure your blogs are Mary X love you loads Mum

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