Finding The Perfect Nude Lipliner

I get asked a lot about lipliners recently, which I blame Kylie Jenner for. We’re all fans of nude lips, right? I’m guessing so, – so today I’ll be reviewing my two most favourite lipliners (that also come in plenty of different colours, including reds, oranges & pinks) and talking about finding the perfect nude shade.

Maxfactor is truly magical when it comes to lipliners and crayon formulas, hence my title. The thing that makes them magical is the vividness you get in each pencil. They provide a matte finish yet glide across the lips smoothly, without dragging. You can be very precise with them or soft, depending on how much you sharpen them. I like using two shades and creating an ombre lip, using the pencils to shade in accordingly. They’re great for that.

My favourite shades are: 14 Brown n Nude & 06 Mauve Moment
My favourite shades are: 14 Brown n Nude & 06 Mauve Moment

When I think of nude lips, I think pale and creamy but actually I’ve come to realise that there are many variants to choose from. The best suited ‘nude’ for me has a hint of brown or purple undertones. As I have very pale skin, this helps to bring out my dark hair and make my lips look fuller.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 15.01.57

These aren’t solid rules, but I personally notice that:

Blonde people best suit nudes with pink undertones in it.

Olive skinned people suit a pale, neutral nude.

Red heads suit nudes with warm beige undertones.

Pale skinned people with dark hair (like me) suit nudes with brown and purple undertones.

Dark skin tones suit a surprisingly pale nude too, but can pull off pretty much any undertone.

Maxfactor does a great job of covering these different criteria’s and I would definitely recommend you test some out 🙂

What’s your favourite nude lipliner? What lipstick do you match it with? Use the comments section below to get involved!

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