Completing The Collection | Rimmel Face Makeup Review

Over the years of wearing makeup (which is far longer than some of you may think) I’ve come to realise that your skin goes through phases and that the same face makeup won’t work for you all the time. It’s nice to have a little selection of foundations to choose from (my top five, excluding Rimmel, are Maybelline’s FITme, Revlon’s Colourstay, Dior’s Diorskin Star Studio, Maybelline’s Better Skin and BareMinerals Bareskin foundation.)

Sometimes though, this isn’t a luxury that can’t be achieved and really you want to find a foundation/face makeup that generally gives you the coverage you need and fits your overall skin type. Thankfully, I’ve found exactly that in Rimmel.


My discovery started with the Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation. With SPF 20 within it and a light range of shades to choose from, it quickly became my go-to all seasons round. The coverage is perfect and still feels lightweight on the skin. It works well on dark circles, blemishes and spots, which is more than I usually require in one go!


As a girl who sticks with a matte finish, always, I wanted to team my new foundation with a new setting powder. Previously a fan of the loose powder by Collection 2000, I sought out a similar kind: Rimmel’s Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder. I instantly fell in love upon trying it and haven’t looked back since (accept to test out Seventeen’s Miracle Matte Loose Power, which you can read about here). It seems to enhance the coverage of the Lasting Finish foundation and mattifies my face to perfection.


Sorted in terms of coverage, I then realised the Benefit’s Porefessional Primer I was using at the time wasn’t a great fit and worked better with Maybelline’s FITme foundation, which provides less coverage and offers an even lighter finish. Turning to Rimmel once again, I first tried the Fix & Protection Pro, which I rave about here. When summer hit, my T-section just wasn’t protected enough in terms of oil-control, which is how and why I ended up falling in love with Rimmel’s Stay Matte Primer. It is truly incredible stuff and helps make my foundation last all day.


The only thing left to find was a concealer. I hadn’t tried many on the market (and still haven’t, really) so I did some research and ended up with Bonjours Healthy Mix. It was super thick and great for covering up nasty blemishes and red spots but far too heavy for under-eye circles and highlighting certain areas when contouring. For a short while I returned to the standard Cover Stick Concealers and it was only over the weekend that I finally completed my entire Rimmel collection by purchasing the Lasting Finish Concealer! I went all around the houses to do it, but at last I have found one brand that fits the bill for it all: coverage, longevity, oil-control, colour-match, cost-effective and complexion enhancing 😀

Are you lucky enough to have found your match made in heaven? If so, tell me about it in the comments section below!

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