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Hello to all my lovely ladies reading this out there! Thanks for stopping by – today I’m reviewing the Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit from Barry M.

As many of you already know, I love contouring using both cream and powder formulas, but powder is my preferred as it makes me feel less like patchwork and more ‘finished’.

I’d been meaning to replace my Sleek contouring palette with something that had a matte highlighter with yellow or white undertones in it. I like the shimmer that Sleek has in it, but I do have an extra highlighter for this after all (Makeup Rev Vivid Baked Highlight) and what I really want is to sculpt my face.


I’d told my sister the type of product I was looking for, as we pretty much have the same makeup routine and use basically all the same products each day. When I’m even thinking of buying something new I tell her, and vice versa. We don’t EVER want to miss out on good makeup, especially if the other one has her hands on it!!

Anyway, I’m telling you this because she was actually the one to pick this palette up for me at the drugstore. She brought it over and we tested it together. Here are our first thoughts:

Things we like: 

– No shimmer in the highlight (or contouring powder, but there never should be)

– It’s blending abilities (colours look pretty strong in the pot but they come out well on the face. Try testing it on your hand to ensure the right colours before buying)

– High pigmentation

–  The cute easy-to-read instructions! (Helpful for everyday use as it just eliminates the thinking behind the task – something we all hate to do first thing in the morning!)

– Affordable (only cost £6.50)

Things we don’t like:

– It doesn’t have a mirror

– We feel the medium brown should have a slightly warmer tone

– We’d also like the ‘Dark Brown’ step to include the forehead! They totally forgot the forehead!


Overall this product is a dime. It’s nicely packaged, not too big and provides everything you want and need from a basic, highstreet contouring palette. Of course I’d also love to get my hands on a large one, with like 20 pots of powder….

What do you think of this product? What contouring products are your faves? Let me know using the comments section below! 🙂

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