Redken VS Unite | Which Is Better For Your Hair?


Over the years of dying and treating my hair, I’ve gone through a number of brands to find those that actually work and provide benefits. It is throughout this testing that I’ve managed to whittle my haircare treatments down to two awesome brands – Redken & Unite. But which one is better?

Before I can conclude, I first need to consider what it is I’m judging the brands on. For me, the main thing I require is hair-repair. My hair is dyed and damaged, so I need something that will make it look and feel the opposite. Secondly, I’m looking for the brand that thickens my hair best and overall leaves it looking in a better condition.

Now, before I continue it’s worth stating that BOTH of these haircare brands are incredible. I see results with both of them, and they’ve helped me with some fabulous hair fixes before – even the time I had a 3-hour bleach bath!

However, I feel it’s time to decide on the one I like most and stop wasting money by buying double the amount of products actually required.

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Because I’m judging the brands as a whole and not individual products, I want lay out the main differences between the two. Redken is a popular brand, whereas Unite is probably a little bit of the underdog here.

From my own experience, I’ve found that Redken is much better for targeted issues but then sometimes lets you down on the other aspects all products are meant to cover. For example, I find that the the Redken Intra Force Toner leaves your hair dry at the ends and fails to condition as well as thicken. Unite doesn’t seem to have the same ability in terms of targeting specific hair problems, but overall I’ve found its products to be better all-rounders. You can pretty much guarantee that Unite will leave your hair feeling clean, moisturised and well-repaired.

For those that may be slightly confused by this, I would suggest using Unite on a daily basis (especially the 7 Seconds Leave in Detangler Condition) and purchase a Redken product relevant to a common hair issue you have to use only on the days you need it. For example, if you’re like me you’ll want to use a thickening treatment to ensure your hair doesn’t thin out too much after dying it, but using such a treatment every day can make it feel heavy and over-treated.

Feel free to ask me more questions regarding these two brands using the comments section below – I’ll be sure to answer your questions as best as I can – but until then, it’s goodbye from me for now 🙂

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