How To Create An Ombre Lip

Recently I’ve been studying makeup trends intently. I’ve been doing it partly to become a better blogger and partly because I’m a makeup enthusiast by nature. My findings have very much highlighted to me the fact dimensional makeup is IN. Makeup artists across the globe are well-versed in how to create depth and definition in their work, but this has all-of-a-sudden become mainstream on a huge scale. It may be due to our obsession with the Kardasians, or it could be something to do with the vast accessibility we have to video blogs, online tutorials and other self-teaching resources, but either way this beauty trend looks as if it’s here to stay.

You may be wondering what counts as ‘dimensional’ makeup. To me this comes in the form of contouring, shading and ombre techniques, though I’m sure many artists will be able to give you a list of dimensional makeup techniques as long as my arm. The easiest way to think of this makeup trend is to think of makeup that adds depth and has the ability to capture or enhance a feature.

I’ve covered contouring techniques and products a lot recently, so today I thought I’d show you how to create an ombre lip. I’m a huge fan of ombre, in all forms, so I love the fact that I can add a new dimension to my makeup routine and enhance my features using clever colours all at the same time.

The ombre lip, if done right, can make the lips look fuller and plumper. In the same way that contouring uses shading and highlighting to manipulate the face shape, the ombre lip can be used to create a kind of focal point and boarder, helping the lips to look bolder, more defined and if you’re lucky, larger!

Interested in getting in on this trend? Follow these 3 simple steps and if you like the results, DM them to me Instagram (@marymarieabbot) & I’ll share them on my page (with credits) a week from today! 🙂

Step 1. Find two similar lipstick/lip pencil shades 

To create a good ombre you should choose two lipstick shades that are similar to each other. One should be slightly darker than the other.

Step 2. Line your lips from the outside in (with darker shade)

Taking the darker shade of the two, line the outside of your lips and carefully shade them in while being careful not to completely fill them in. Try to leave the middle/central section clean.


Step 3. Fill in the lips (with lighter shade)

Now fill in that middle section using the lighter shade and carefully blend out into the darker shade to create a seamless yet DIMENSIONAL look! Finish with some gloss and get ready to send me your #selfies!


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