The Aurora Band | Night Roller Review


2017 Review | The Aurora Band Night Roller Revisited (2 Years Later)


Having perfect hair when you wake up is every girl’s dream. Sadly, if you want a good nights sleep the likelihood of waking up without a strand out of place is slim… well, at least I thought it was!

When I was in the salon getting pampered the other day, I saw a sign for a new ‘night roller’ hair product that featured on Dragons Den. Asking the salon owner what she thought of the product herself (and then also asking my trust-worthy friend who happens to work there too), I decided to give it a go myself.

The way in which it works is pretty simple but does take a few practise times to get it right. You place the Aurora Band over your head and section by section begin to pull through your hair and wrap it around the band, pulling it out from the other side. When you move onto the next section, collect the remaining piece of hair (like you would when doing a french plait) and begin the process again.


When you’re finished it should look something like this:


When testing this product I decided to keep my hair dry as it was only recently washed. However, as a sleep-in product you are supposed to put it in when your hair is newly-washed and still slightly damp. This way it will dry around the band, helping to create longer-lasting curls.

Although my hair was not damp, I did still test the product out over night to ensure I could comprehend realistic results and overall, I was impressed! I slept like a baby and didn’t wake up with a jammed neck or tight shoulders. Unlike most curlers I’ve tried, this product fits between the neck and the shoulders for a comfortable night-time experience so when you’re asleep you hardly notice it (or you’ll be like me and quite enjoy the extra support)!

In terms of how my hair looked, it provided a really natural looking wave. It does of course flatten the top half of your hair like I imagined it would, but for those that want a nice curl on the ends, some bottom heavy volume and an easy everyday fix I would definitely recommend The Aurora Band.

Here’s a pic of the results:


Have you tried this hair product or something similar? If so, use the comments section below to add your own review! 🙂

18 thoughts on “The Aurora Band | Night Roller Review

  1. This product just does wonders. I could not believe until I used it myself. Initially there was a little difficulty but as I understood the technique I am sure it’s going to be in bag forever. Thanks for recommending.

  2. Currently got my headband on as I write this! I found it easy but hard to put in at the same time haha I’m hoping tomorrow I can get it out ok! I’m dying to see the results ???

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