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I’m Wearing:

Top: Missguided / Coat: H&M / Trousers: River Island / Shoes: KG / Neckless: River Island 

Depending on which organisation is interviewing you, the retail dress code is typically far more relaxed. Personally I have never worked in retail, so I really had to imagine the type of places I’d like to work first (Topshop, All Saints, Urban Outfitters & Ted Baker) and then create an outfit that I believe would be suitable for an interview at any one of these shops. In the forefront of my mind when considering what to wear was looking trendy and smart all at the same time. The way you dress when attending this type of interview is highly important and is usually something you are judged on first. If you’re applying for a job that involves being in the shop front, greeting and serving customers, it is vital that you look clean, presentable and approachable. If you’re applying for a position in a fashion store, you’ll need to be a good fit for the brand and be able to carry across a good representation to customers.

I went for monochrome colours because this then allowed me to be bolder with the details and textures. If I’d chosen to add in some bright colours I would have been sure to do so in a simplistic way (maybe using block colours and slightly smarter materials (eg. trousers rather than jeans).

This outfit is super comfortable, making it easy to carry out duties such as organising stock, dressing windows and dashing around serving customers. Showing that you can dress for such an occasion automatically reassures the interviewer that you do have some understanding of the role – the rest you’ll need to prove through your experience and answers!

Have you worked within the retail sector? What type of outfit did you put together for your interview? Let me know using the comments section below! For more information on how to prepare for an interview (in terms of business not fashion), head over to my business blog by clicking here.

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7 thoughts on “Retail Business | What To Wear To An Interview

  1. That outfit is gorgeous but in the States it would be inappropriate for even a retail interview. Most employers look for those who dress conservatively. Plain old black pantsuit or pencil skirt & jacket with a plain white blouse. Booooooring!

    1. Wow, even in NYC? It’s so interesting to learn and hear about fashion and style on an international scale ☺️ I agree, that does sound pretty boring! I don’t think I’m much of a conservative dresser!

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