12 Things We Learnt From Alexa Chung This LFW

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As a contributing editor at Vogue, TV presenter, model and overall fashion icon, Alexa Chung has it all, and as a result she’s now sharing her backstage experience at the AW15 fashion week shows with us! Her video (see below) contains top tips on what to wear, who to talk to and how to hang with some of the greatest stars of our time.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxzrlgXtwdc&w=560&h=315]

Here’s What We Learnt:

1. NEVER leave the house without checking for your invitation like 5 times. If you’re Alexa Chung, you’ll probably get away with it, but for the rest of us just imagine how embarrassing it would be to get turned away!

2. Don’t leave your personality behind. That’s what I got from the ‘Sing & Dance’ part anyway.

3. When given the chance, talk to the designers and ask them questions. Don’t shy away or over-compliment them, simply ask them how they’re doing. Ah, Chung you’re so cool.

4. Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself. That’s what you’re there for! As the model herself says, “Always drink the pink cocktail!”

5. Legs are everything. Tights are a no-no, apparently. In fairness, this does make sense – I mean, tights are pretty boring and practical.

6. Prepare your outfits properly; and make sure they’re good enough to stop traffic!

7. Bonding with your driver always makes a journey more comfortable, but during fashion week your driver will become your saviour after a long day of wearing high-heels, drinking, chatting and partying. Get him/her on your good side early on!

8. The celebrities know plenty of gossip, but the paparazzi are bound to know more. If you really want the inside scoop, interview them.

Extra Things I Learnt: 

– There’s no place for nerves at LFW. Be friendly, attentive and confident or you’ll slowly but surely blend into the background.

– Fashion Week is FUN! It really doesn’t look as serious as I suspected and even the workers seem to have an extraordinary amount of energy, especially when you consider that their usual working day is 12+ hours long.

– It probably isn’t the place for children.

– Be prepared to get cold. And tired. And tipsy.

Did you learn anything from Alexa’s Vogue vlog? Let me know using the comments section below 🙂

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