Champagne Taste With A Beer Budget | IF MONEY WERE NO OBJECT…

If money were no object (which is something I dream about most of the time), I think shopping would become my new day job. By night, I’d wine and dine myself and probably end up buying a gothic mansion in Amsterdam. I’d spend my weekends relaxing in spas and sipping on champagne. As you can probably tell, I’ve got a pretty good vision of what I’d do if I won the lottery. I’ve also got a pretty good idea of what I’d wear, so here’s my wishlist 🙂 enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.18.45


Ralph Lauren Black Label Double-Faced Wool-Angora Coat: £2,085

Pre-Owned Dior Fur Jacket: £4,406

Moncler Grenoble Charaix Jacket: £1,615


Givenchy Women’s High-Waist Skinny Leather Trousers: £2,145


Saint Laurent Feather & Grosgrain Trimmer Rabbit-Felt Hat: £705


White Timberlands: £80

Burberry Crosshill: £210


Christian Louboutin So Kate Python Mermaid Red Sole Pump, Mimosa: £970


Dita Vesoul Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses: £375

Christian Dior Cat’s Eye Acetate Frame Sunglasses £249


The Most Expensive Perfume Clive Christian No.1 “Imperial Majesty”


Boy Chanel Flap Bag: £1,000+

Brown Louis Vuitton Backpack: £340


Gucci Women’s YA133303 “Interlocking 18k Gold and Stainless Steel Watch: £1,490

Pre-Owned Cartier 18k Three Gold Trinity Earrings: £1,860

David Yurman Petite Pavé Labyrinth Single-Loo

  Bracelet in Gold: £3,565

Allurez Square Halo Diamond Bridal Set Ring 14k Rose Gold: £1,100

TOTAL: 237,195

What would you buy if you had some serious cash to splash? Let me know using the comments section below!



18 thoughts on “Champagne Taste With A Beer Budget | IF MONEY WERE NO OBJECT…

  1. 1st of all I would get in my new private jet 😉 and pick you up so we could shop together because it is obvious we would be a great fit! We could start shopping in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris but we had to eat one of those amazing Croissant near the Opera.. they are the best…
    If we decided to go fur shopping I would had to get my mom cause she is an expert she can spot which fur it is or if it’s a fake miles away…

  2. If buy 10 of everything at Ulta & Sephora, visit all the places around the world I want to go, splurge on a couple of designer handbags. Shoes. Lots of shoes. And I’d buy my favorite baseball team and really turn things around for them.

  3. I love these types of posts! So fun, and your taste is exquisite! I’d probably treat myself to a new wardrobe.

    And maybe some nicer pots and pans/kitchen appliances… (I guess that’s how you know you’re a “grown up?”)

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