Before I go ahead and review this product, here’s a little disclaimer:

I am in no way an expert in fake/self-tan. In fact, this is one out of 8 times in my entire lifetime I’ve bothered to give it a go. I don’t have a preference for the stuff and have never found a product that makes me want to stand around naked for hours rubbing myself down and waiting for the stuff to try. This review is based on my own experiences using this product and results may be different for other skin tones or types. 

With that out of the way, let me introduce you to part 1 of my St.Tropez reviews. Recently, with all this new contouring malarkey, I’ve been feeling like the rest of my body needs a little bit of a lift. Putting dark contour on my cheek bones yet being pale everywhere else isn’t the most natural or attractive look, so I really wanted to find a few good tanning products.

Over the years, I’ve used plenty of different brands but most of them I throw out before the bottle is even empty. I find it frustrating to spend so much time waiting for the stuff to dry when I’ve got so many other things I could (or need to) be doing and usually the results aren’t worthwhile.

Nevertheless, as a woman who has to try the same thing millions of times before actually making up her mind (am I the only one?), I headed to the drugstore to have a look at what I could get my hands on. I went for St. Tropez for two reasons. Firstly because I’ve heard plenty of good reviews and comments on its quality before and secondly because it was on offer – buy one get the second half price.

I’ll save my half price pick for tomorrow, but today I wanted to share my results and thoughts on the Everyday Body Lotion (Gradual Tan).


After using it for 3-days in a row, I was happy with my results and really loved the healthy glow it gave me. The smell of the lotion is not too overpowering, but there definitely one and it’s kind of similar to the smell of suncream. The texture of the lotion is thick and moisturising, meaning that it sadly takes agessss to dry :(. On the back of the bottle it says to wait until your body is touch-dry until getting dressed but most days I went to bed sticky and didn’t really feel totally touch-dry until the morning!

In terms of colour, I purchased this product in medium/dark. It claims to provide a streak-free colour and I’ll vouch for that. What I really liked about this product is how it doesn’t cling badly to dry areas. Although exfoliating beforehand is meant to minimise the prospect of an uneven tan, my knees, elbows and ankles always turn out a little darker than everywhere else – but not with this fake bake. My tan is even, natural-looking and winter-warming! I love it!

Would I use it again? Yes. It’s probably going to become an important part of my beauty regime, especially as it only takes 2-days to give you a natural looking sun-kissed look. 3-days later you feel like you’re on your way back from Spain!

What tanning products are your favs? Let me know what I’m missing out on using the comments section below! 🙂

PS. Come back on Monday for Part 2 and Tuesday for a pictorial on how I contour!

10 thoughts on “ST. TROPEZ REVIEW | PART 1.

  1. I recommend trying the St. Tropez mousse. I’ve never tried any of their cream products, but when I want a tan I use their mousse and it is amazing. It dries to the touch in a couple of minutes (sometimes it feels like a couple seconds, to be honest) and the color is just as even. 🙂 Definitely worth the price.

  2. I am a fake tan addict haha. This post was really helpful as I have used so many different fake tans before – but not this particular one. I like the look of it so I am considering purchasing it now. Thank you! X

  3. I used this in light/medium and it done nothing for me! The trick must be to get the darker one. I use Xen gradual tanner religiously, it’s more expensive but I think it’s worth it, especially because I’m so pale so I need to invest for it to work otherwise I end up a streaky tango disaster! x

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